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GLIN==> Beyond 2000 - Realities of Global Wolf Restoration

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Beyond 2000 - Realities of Global Wolf Restoration

Wolf Symposium
February 23-26, 2000
Duluth, Minnesota U.S.A.
Presented by:
The International Wolf Center and
The University of Minnesota-Duluth, University College

Rare is the opportunity to hear biologists from India discuss wolf attacks
on children, European experts describe the struggle of the wolves in Italy
and France, or inside the reports of the ongoing drama of the Mexican wolf
reintroduction. Beyond 2000: - Realities of Global Wolf Restoration offers
just that.  The chance to participate in a discussion of  global importance
with experts and enthusiasts from different continents and different
perspectives.  Hosted by the International Wolf Center and University
College at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Beyond 2000 will feature
presentations by biologists, researchers, and professionals exploring the
complex and emotional issues associated with wolf recovery around the world.
All are invited to participate, learn, and meet others who care about the
fate of this magnificent species.

The February 2000 symposium is an opportunity for wolf experts from around
the world to share ethical perceptions and to review current controversies
and scientific research in global wolf management.  Professional educators
and wildlife enthusiasts will learn from and question wolf experts; the
public will have an opportunity to see the wolf on a global basis.

Topic Areas

Status of Wolves Around the World
Conflicts Between Wolves and Humans
Effect of Wolves on Natural Prey
Legal Policy Issues Affecting Wolves
Environmental Ethics in Wolf Restoration
Human Population Dynamics and Land Use
Education and Public Attitudes Regarding Wolves
New Discoveries in Wolf Behavior and Ecology
The Wolf in Human Cultures

Featured Speakers

Anders Bjarvall              L. David Mech
Sweden                               U.S.A.

Juan Carlos Blanco      Nikita Ovsyanikov
Spain                                  Russia

Luigi Boitani                 Mike Phillips
Italy                                   U.S.A.

Djuro Huber                  Christoph Promberger
Croatia                              Germany

Y. Jhala                         Bob Ream
India                                 U.S.A.

Wolf Specialist Group

The IUCN-Wolf Conservation Union is the foremost international conservation
organization, and the Species Survival Commission (SSC) is the IUCNís
species conservation arm.  The chairman and members of the wolf specialists
group are appointed by the IUCN and SSC to promote ecology sound management
of the wolf worldwide and especially of endangered wolf populations. The
symposium agenda will include a meeting of the species survival commission,
Wolf Specialist- Group. Wolf Specialists from more than 15 countries will
attend the meeting and present at the symposium.

Giant-Screen Film: Wolves

By special permission of the National Wildlife Productions (the television,
film, and multimedia production arm of the National Wildlife Federation),
Primesco Communications and the Science Museum of Minnesota, an exclusive
showing of WOLVES is scheduled for symposium participants.  Discover the
world of wolves by plane, by helicopter, on foot and through time. Meet the
pack and find out what really goes on in the wolf world where family members
play, hunt, travel, howl, and struggle to survive after a 70-year absence
from their Yellowstone habitat.  The Duluth Omnimax Theater will host the
giant-screen film for Symposium participants.

Tribute to Environmentalists

To celebrate the significant contributions of those who led the way in wolf
research, including Sigurd F. Olson, Aldo Leopold, and Durward Allen,
we will pay tribute to these and others throughout the conference.
Sponsored by the Timber Wolf Alliance.

Location, Time, Fees, Lodging, Field Trips

The conference is held at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center
(DECC), located near Canal Park, Bayfront Park, and Duluth's waterfront
district. The DECC is within walking distance of hotels, dining and
shopping. The DECC complex and Skywalk system to downtown are handicapped

The symposium will begin with activities on Wednesday evening, February 23,
and will conclude on Saturday, February 26. Optional pre and post symposium
field trips are being planned to the International Wolf Center in Ely,

For a list of presenters, visit

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