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GLIN==> New Legislation to Control Cormorants


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 December 7, 1999

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Bill introduced to Control/Hunt Cormorants
Authorizes States To Establish Hunting Seasons

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                                                                                                                                                                Dan Thomas
Reps. John McHugh R-NY) and Collin Peterson  (D-MN) introduced a bill on October 20 to authorize States to establish hunting seasons for double-crested cormorants. H.R.3118 has been referred to the House Committee on Resources.

The bill "directs the Secretary of the Interior to issue regulations under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act that authorize States to establish hunting seasons for double-crested cormorants." The regulation
would authorize the following:

1. Permit the taking by an individual of 10 double-crested cormorants during each day of a hunting season;
2. Permit an individual to have in his possession 20 cormorants legally taken in a hunting season;
3. Require that the dates of any hunting season established under the regulations in a State correspond generally with other waterfowl hunting seasons in that State; and
4. Authorize a hunting season established under the regulations to begin at any time after the date of the issuance of the regulations.
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