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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 1/3/00

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--->>Two for 2000! Sister research projects on lakes Michigan and
Superior share the GLIN Site of the Month honor for January:

Episodic Events - Great Lakes Experiment (EEGLE)
EEGLE is a five-year, multi-agency study designed to examine the impacts
of massive late winter storm events in Lake Michigan on the resuspension
and transport of particles and associated materials and on subsequent
spring ecology. To facilitate information and data exchange among the
program's participants, sponsors and the public, the EEGLE web site
features program news, products, preliminary data, satellite images,
regional meteorology and a photo album.

Keweenaw Interdisciplinary Transport Experiment in Superior (KITES)
KITES is at the midpoint of a five-year study of the Keweenaw Current in
Lake Superior. The Keweenaw Current is the largest current in the Great
Lakes (roughly the size of the Mississippi River)! It flows to the
northeast along the western edge of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. The
goals of KITES are to determine how water moves in the current and to
understand the influence of the current on the distribution of
organisms, sediment and nutrients in the lake.

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--->>Toronto reconsidered: Planning for the next century, feature series
from The Globe and Mail
December 1999, The Water Fronts Series: What can Toronto learn from

For other recent coverage of Great Lakes issues by the media, visit
GLIN's "In the News This Week" section:

--->>What a view! Searchable dataset of selected astronaut-acquired
imagery of Earth, courtesy of NASA: <http://earth.jsc.nasa.gov/>
Of special interest, "The Great Lakes from space":

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