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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 2/1/00

Pay a visit to the Great Lakes Information Network
<http://www.great-lakes.net> to check out these new features:

--->>GLIN Site of the Month for February: Minnesota Department of Trade
and Economic Development <http://www.dted.state.mn.us/>
Recognized for its ease of use and attractive design, the Minnesota DTED
web site serves up a range of business and community information and
services. Investors can obtain industry-specific, financial and economic
development assistance and advice. Another feature is DTED’s integrated
MNPRO system, which provides one-stop-shopping for real estate
information as well as reports on a city’s economic development,
demographics, workforce, employers and infrastructure. In addition, the
site promotes the state’s recreational attractions, including links to
related sites like the Mall of America and Explore Minnesota travel

If your agency is interested in being GLIN Site of the Month, see
http://www.great-lakes.net/sitemont.html for more details.

--->>Submit stories for Great Lakes "In the News"
The "In the News" section is updated weekdays by the GLIN Project Team
at the Great Lakes Commission. Coverage of Great Lakes-related issues by
local, state/provincial or national media is welcome. If you have a
Great Lakes-related media story to share, please fill out the Story
Submittal Form at http://www.great-lakes.net/orgs/media/newsform.html

--->>Recent State of the State addresses from the region's governors

New York <http://www.state.ny.us/sos2000.html>
By Gov. George Pataki, Jan. 5

Indiana <http://www.ai.org/gov/sos/2000/2000sos.htm>
By Gov. Frank O'Bannon, Jan. 12

By Gov. John Engler, Jan. 19

Ohio <http://www.ohio.gov/gov/2000stofst.htm>
By Gov. Bob Taft, Jan. 19

Wisconsin <http://www.wisgov.state.wi.us/sos/index.asp>
By Gov. Tommy Thompson, Jan. 26

--->>Fountain of the Great Lakes by Lorado Taft
The Fountain of the Great Lakes depicts five female figures grouped
together so that water flows from their shells in the same way it passes
through the Great Lake system. Superior, at the top, and Michigan empty
their water into the basin held by Huron, who sends her stream on to
Erie. Ontario receives water and gazes off as it flows into the ocean.
Completed in 1913, the fountain sits in the south wing of the Art
Institute of Chicago. For more about Taft and historical photos of the
fountain, visit the University of Illinois Archives

For daily updates on Great Lakes web offerings, visit the "What's New"
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Christine Manninen
GLIN Webmaster
Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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