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GLIN==> Pre publication Announcement: Selected Papers on Hydrology/Water Resources Engineering

Posted on behalf of Jim Bauer <jimcwra@kw.igs.net>

Canadian Water Resources Association


Common Sense and Other Heresies:
Selected Papers on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

by Vít Klemes, PhD


The Canadian Water Resources Association is proud to bring together twenty
of the most significant papers of Dr. Vit Klemes that have had an impact on
hydrologists worldwide.  In recognition of the practical yet philosophical
aspects of this book, it will be called Common Sense and Other Heresies.
The book will bring together keynote scientific papers that have been
previously published in a wide variety of international conference
proceedings and technical journals, but have not been readily available to
Canadian and international audiences. The papers, selected by the Editor,
David Sellars, will include the philosophy of hydrologic modelling,
frequency analysis of floods and droughts, risk analysis and analysis of
geophysical time series. The final chapter, that brings together all the
threads of the book will be called Climate Change and Impacts and will
include three seminal papers:

 Geophysical Time Series and Climatic Change
 Sensitivity of Water Resources Systems to Climatic Variability
 Design Implications of Climate Change

The latter paper will be of particular interest to engineers and planners
responsible for decisions regarding water supply, protection of aquatic
resources and other water resources issues, as it provides guidance on how
to include climate change in the planning of projects and in water resources
management in general.  The planned publication date of this critically
acclaimed collection of papers is June 2000. To assist in the upfront costs,
CWRA is providing the opportunity to purchase this book in advance of
publication.  Subscribers who choose this option will have their names
listed in the acknowledgements section of the book unless they request

Dr. Vít Klemes has had a brilliant career contributing to fundamental
aspects of the science of hydrology and the application of hydrology to
water resources engineering.  His papers are written in a lucid style and
challenge common misconceptions and current directions in the practice of
hydrology.  He started his career as a hydraulic engineer and worked mostly
in design and planning of dams and hydropower plants. Through his work, he
became interested in the theory of water resources systems in which he did
his doctoral research in the early 1960s. Since then he pursued a research
career in hydrology and its applications to water resources engineering.  He
has authored about 150 publications and has been recognized by a number of
awards, among them the International Hydrology Prize from the International
Association of Hydrological Sciences in 1995, the Ray K. Linsley Award from
the American Institute of Hydrology in 1995 and the Ven Te Chow Award from
the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1998.  He is currently a Water
Resources Consultant and lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

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