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GLIN==> Do you use GLIN? Help us make it even better!

Attention GLIN list subscribers, partner agencies and friends:

Work is underway on a redesign of the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) web interface, which will include a new look for the site and enhanced navigation. Visit http://www.great-lakes.net/navigate/redesign2000.html to take a look back at GLIN's evolution since 1994.

As we gather ideas for the redesign, we want your input! Tell us what you think of GLIN:

1) In what capacity/role do you access GLIN (i.e., policymaker, educator, student, activist, general interest)?

2) What GLIN services or topical sections do you find most useful? Would you like to see more information on a specific topic? Tell us.

3) Can you easily find what you're looking for on GLIN?

4) Do you feel your agency or organization's web offerings are sufficiently linked within the GLIN indices? How can we better facilitate this cross-linking?

When responding, please identify your viewing platform (Mac, Windows, Unix, other) and  browser + version (Netscape 4.7, Microsoft IE 5.0, etc).

Please direct your comments to Christine Manninen, GLIN Project Manager/Webmaster, by March 15... mailto:manninen@glc.org Your input on the GLIN redesign will be of great value to the larger Great Lakes community. Take a few minutes to share your ideas with us.

The new GLIN will be unveiled in May 2000. Watch for it!

Christine Manninen
Great Lakes Commission
Argus II Bldg., 400 Fourth St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: 734-665-9135
Fax: 734-669-0764