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GLIN==> Southern Lake Michigan Fisheries Forum

Source: Patrice Charlebois, (847)872-0140
Contact: Debra Levey Larson
Media/Communications Specialist
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
(217)333-8055; dlarson@uiuc.edu


Fisheries Forum to Answer Questions about Southern Lake Michigan

URBANA- What is the status of yellow perch in southern Lake Michigan? How are the lake trout doing? How many coho were harvested this past year? How many chinook were stocked in Lake Michigan and are there enough alewives out there?
These are some of the questions which will be addressed at the Southern Lake Michigan Fisheries Forum on April 8, 2000. This one-day information meeting, which will be held at Purdue University Calumet, is an opportunity for anglers, charter captains, commercial interests and others who would like to learn more about the southern Lake Michigan fishery.
Patrice Charlebois, Biological Resources Specialist with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant will present information on the current population of exotic species in southern Lake Michigan, including an update on the most recent invader, Cercopagis pengoi, more commonly called the fishhook flea. Charlebois said, "Anglers and commercial fishers will probably be seeing the fishhook flea on their lines and nets during the 2000 fishing season, so I want them to have the most current information that we have on its distribution and potential impacts. These folks are our eyes and ears out on the water, and have been instrumental in helping us track the arrival and spread of exotic species, including the fishhook flea."
Other speakers at the forum include: Hank Van der Ploeg from the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) will talk about the status of zooplankton in Lake Michigan; Chuck Madenijan from the United States Geological Survey will give an update on prey fish in Lake Michigan; Tom Trudeau from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will provide an overview of chinook stocking reductions; John Kubisiak of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and John Dettmers of the Illinois Natural History Survey will present information on the 1999 sport harvest and effort; Dave Meuninck, manager of the Bodine Hatchery, will give an update on fish health; Brian Miller of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Rich Hess from the Illinois DNR will present an overview of current research projects which are funded by their respective agencies; Tom Nalepa from GLERL will talk about the decline of Diporia; and Illinois and Indiana DNR fisheries biologists will report on the status of sport fishes in southern Lake Michigan.
It is anticipated that this forum, sponsored by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and the Illinois and Indiana Departments of Natural Resources, will become an annual event. While the forum is free to attend, space is limited, so register early.
For more information about the forum including registration, contact Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, (847)872-8677; p_char@ix.netcom.com.


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