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GLIN==> Teachers Workshop in Minnesota

Water, Webs & Widgets: Using Technology and the Environment to Teach Science

Prepare your high school and college students for an environmentally-challenging
future, but first prepare yourself.  Spend five days (June 12-16) handling 
cutting-edge technology for monitoring lakes and rivers.  After you access and 
interpret real data from real lakes with the advanced tools introduced at Water,
Webs & Widgets, youÕll be better equipped to help todayÕs students apply basic 
science concepts to real-world problems.  From its beginning at the Audubon 
Center of The North Woods in Sandstone, Minnesota, to its end at the Science 
Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul, this workshop will provide innovative and 
contemporary ways for biology, chemistry, and physics teachers to connect 
students and science.

This five-day workshop features Water on the Web (WOW), an Internet-based 
educational project that taps into five solar-powered robotic devices collecting
real-time measurements of basic water quality.  The workshop also highlights 
Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, computer software that allows 
users to create layered maps featuring various aspects of an ecosystem, and 
Global Positioning System (GPS) units that use satellites in space to determine 
an exact point on the Earth.  At the end of the workshop, participants will use 
all of these advanced tools in a final project and learn how to integrate their 
new-found skills into their schoolÕs curricula.  

Workshop facilitators are Sue Hutchins from Itasca Community College, Bruce 
Munson from the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program, and Joel Halvorson 
from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The $50 fee includes: lodging, meals, resource materials, and instruction.  
Reimbursement for transportation is provided.  Two graduate-level semester 
credits from the University of Minnesota Duluth are available at a reduced cost.
Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis and enrollment is limited to 
30, so apply early either on-line at:  
or by contacting Judy Zomerfelt at Minnesota Sea Grant (phone: (218) 726-8106, 
e-mail: jzomerfe@d.umn.edu).

To find out more about the Water on the Web project, browse the WOW Web site at:

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