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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 4/3/00

New on the Great Lakes Information Network:

GLIN Redesign 2000
We want your input!
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--->> GLIN Site of the Month for April: Great Lakes Dredging Team
The Great Lakes Dredging Team (GLDT) web site is a gateway to general
information about dredging, as well as a source for cutting edge news
about dredging projects on the Great Lakes. The site provides links to
materials generated by the Dredging Team, including cases studies and a
booklet titled "Dredging and the Great Lakes," as well as updates on
recent GLDT activities and links to other dredging-related resources
within and beyond the region. Originally launched in 1998, the site was
re-released with a new look in February 2000.

--->> Water level news!
Compare snow melt for the upper Great Lakes basin (1997-2000)
>From the summer of 1997 to today, water levels on the middle Great Lakes
have fallen from near record highs to near record lows. The decline is
nearly 3.5 feet on lakes Michigan, Huron, St. Clair and Erie. This trend
is forecasted to continue for the foreseeable future due in part to the
fact that the drainage basins for lakes Superior and northern Michigan
and Huron (the headwaters for the Great Lakes) are in the midst of one
of the driest winters on record. Snowmelt runoff is a key component in
replenishing groundwater and tributary stream flows into the Great

--->> Viewing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
The Northern Lights, now at peak viewing around the upper Great Lakes,
occur when particles from the sun are being thrown against the earth by
the solar wind. When the solar wind particles collide with the air
molecules, their energy is transferred into light. It is
billions of such processes occurring simultaneously that produces the
Northern Lights. Auroral displays follow intense sunspot activities,
which are expected to reach the peak of their 11-year cycle variation in
the year 2001 or 2002.

* The Aurora Page, Geology Department at Michigan Technological

*An Aurora Slide Show, courtesy of the Geospace Environment Data Display

* Best opportunity to see northern lights in Michigan, Booth Newspapers

* Quicktime movie, The Northern Lights Planetarium at The University of
Tromsų, Norway

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Christine Manninen
GLIN Webmaster
Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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