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GLIN==> Call for Papers/Abstracts - 45th Annual Midwest Ground Water Conference

Call For Abstracts
45th Annual Midwest Ground Water Conference
October 16-18, 2000
Holiday Inn East, Columbus, Ohio

The Midwest Ground Water Conference

The Midwest Ground Water Conference is an annual meeting held at the
invitation of a participating state.  The conference provides an opportunity
for hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers, students and others studying
ground water resources in their respective states to meet and exchange
ideas, discuss mutual problems affecting the Midwest, and summarize results
of field and laboratory studies.  

Suggested Session Topics

Till Hydrology	Laws/Rules	
Emerging Contaminants (MTBE, Pharmaceuticals, etc.)
Contamination/Remediation/Cleanup Standards	
Wellhead and Source Water Protection	Geologic Controls of Ground Water
Well Construction 	Ground Water and Surface Water Interaction	
1999 Drought Impacts	Ground Water Modeling Applications 	
GIS Applications for Ground Water Resources	Aquifer
Data Compilation/Management Efforts	Karst Hydrology	
Arsenic in Ground Water	Quality and Quantity Monitoring	
Ground Water Impacts from Mining
         and Construction Operations	NonPoint Source Pollution or Point
        	  Land Use Impacts and Pollution Prevention	

Abstract Submissions Deadline: June 30, 2000

Oral presentations are limited to 20 minutes including discussion.
Electronic presentations are welcome and presentations should be arranged
for use on a single screen.  A separate poster session will be held.  Poster
presentations are encouraged.  Please state preference for oral or poster

Abstracts of papers to be presented at the conference must be received by
June 30, 2000.  Abstracts are limited to 300 words, and must include title,
author name(s), their affiliation, contact address, phone number, and e-mail
address if available.  Accepted abstracts will be bound and distributed as
MWGW Conference Proceedings.  Submit abstracts on PC diskette or
electronically via e-mail using [WordPerfect, WORD versions 7 or below, Rich
Text Format (RTF), or ASCII text].  Five paper copies of the abstract must
also be submitted.  Send all abstracts to:

				Kristy Hunt, MWGWC Technical Committee
				Ohio EPA/Division of Drinking and Ground
				P.O. Box 1049
				Columbus, Ohio  43216-1049
				Fax: (614) 644-2909

Please review the Midwest Ground Water Conference web page at
www.epa.state.oh.us/ddagw/mwgwc.html for additional information.

Conference Sponsors: Ohio Department of Natural Resources Divisions of Water
and Geological Survey, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Division of
Drinking and Ground Waters, Ohio Department of Health, United States
Geological Survey (Ohio District)


Dick Bartz
Division of Water
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Phone:  614/265-6730
Fax:       614/447-9503