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GLIN==> Undeveloped portion of Detroit River shoreline threatened

Does the Windsor Port Authority want you to come to their public meeting?

You be the judge……

The Windsor Port Authority placed two classified ads in the “legals” section of the Windsor Star on Wednesday April 19, 2000.  The ads (one in English  the other French) appeared on page C6 in the classified section and measured 7.7cm x 5.7cm each.  [View the ads http://www.mnsi.net/~cea.]  The essentials are as follows….

Who: Windsor Port Authority (formerly the Harbour Commission)
What: Public Meeting
Where: Mackenzie Hall  3277 Sandwich Street, West Windsor
When: Wednesday May 10, 2000 (4pm  8pm)
Why: The Windsor Port Authority must hold a public meeting with regards to the Land Use Plan they have drafted as part of their obligations under the Canada Marine Act.  The public has been “invited” to attend and provide input into this Plan which they hope will be finalized on or before July 1, 2000.

Why is this meeting significant?


“The Windsor Port Authority [formerly the Windsor Harbour Commission] dredged its Riverside Marina earlier this year and dumped the sediment some 25 km west, in Ojibway Shores. This property, the last natural-undeveloped area along the Detroit River, was used as a dumping ground after land was cleared and shrubs and trees were uprooted for this purpose. No thought was given to the environmental sensitivity of the area nor to the hundreds of residents who often use it recreationally. Sadly, the Windsor Port Authority, a federally-mandated body, still hopes to destroy this natural area to accommodate possible future industrial development.” Citizens Environment Alliance spokesperson, Shawn Hupka, February 2000.

“The Windsor Harbour Commission’s (Port Authority’s) port development plans for Windsor’s last remaining piece of natural shoreline will turn the city’s most important group of natural sanctuaries into isolated and ecologically threatened islands.” Essex Region Conservation Authority Biologist and habitat expert Dan Lebedyk in a November 1998 interview with the Windsor Star.

“This is an easy decision for any federal politician wanting to assist in the rehabilitation of the Detroit River ecosystem.  The recent federal initiative to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Detroit River habitat restoration projects would seem to demonstrate the Canadian Government’s commitment to build and enhance ecologically significant areas along the Detroit River.  The Ojibway Shores property is federal property; the federal government simply needs to act to ensure it remains a natural area to demonstrate real commitment to the ecological well-being of this area.”  Citizens Environment Alliance habitat specialist Lisa Tulen, May 2000.

The Citizens Environment Alliance is shocked that the last remaining piece of undeveloped land on the Detroit River is zoned heavy-industrial.  With approximately 426 metres of undeveloped riverfront and comprising almost 13 hectares of land, Ojibway Shores is a treasure along Windsor’s waterfront.  Hundreds of area residents use Ojibway Shores as a recreational area while flora and fauna abound.  The federally-mandated Port Authority’s obsession with destroying Ojibway Shores is senseless and shameful and must be opposed.

The Citizens Environment Alliance is inviting Windsor MP the Honourable Herb Gray, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, to take action to ensure the protection of this federally-owned significant area. 

If you cannot attend Wednesday’s meeting you can still ensure that your voice is heard.  Join the Citizens Environment Alliance in calling for the protection of this significant piece of riverfront property.  Call (519) 973-1116 or email us at
cea@mnsi.net for a copy of our “Save Ojibway Shores” petition to the federal government.

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