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GLIN==> SeaMap Workshop Invitation

SeaMap Planning Workshop
New Opportunities in Oceans and Aquatic Mapping for Canada

Monday, 19 June 2000
Canada Centre for Inland Waters,
Burlington, Ontario

Canada, as an international leader in ocean and aquatic mapping, is moving
forward with a new initiative, the Seabed Resource Mapping Program (SeaMap).
The initiative focus is sea and lakebed mapping of Canada's aquatic lands.
Canada's leadership role has been demonstrated by our ability to develop
cutting edge technology and apply these to address today's needs in industry
and society.  The applications have recently seen success and span a broad
range, from telecommunications to offshore exploration; from national
security to environmental assessment; and from fish habitat assessment to
sustainable development.

Our three Federal Government Departments (Fisheries and Oceans Canada,
Department of National Defence, and Natural Resources Canada) are actively
working together to make SeaMap a reality.  However, we recognize that the
leadership role in ocean and aquatic mapping Canada now enjoys was achieved
through work by many.  Thus, your participation in the planning of SeaMap is
essential to its success.

Currently, SeaMap is in its early planning stages.  Meetings within and
among federal departments are underway.  Our vision is a Program that is
planned, led and implemented as a partnership among industry, universities
and government within a national framework.  To kick-off this crucial
planning phase, we have organized a series of workshops that will be held in
key areas across the country.  The workshop in Burlington, Ontario is
scheduled for June 19, 2000.  The goals of the workshops are to:

*  provide information to regional participants on the status of SeaMap;
*  provide a forum for your participation in the planning of SeaMap that
reflects your long term role in ocean and aquatic mapping; and,
*  identify the options for collaboration and partnership roles among our
departments, industry, other government agencies and universities in SeaMap.

The full day workshop is organized into two major sessions: an information
and open discussion session in the morning and concurrent planning working
group sessions in the afternoon.  Your input to SeaMap planning is critical
to its success.  We invite you to participate in this workshop.

Please register by completing the attached form and returning it by fax or
e-mail no later than June 14, 2000.  For further information about SeaMap,
please contact Kate Moran, Director, SeaMap Office 902-426-8243, email:
seamap@agc.bio.ns.ca .

We look forward to working with you at the June 19 workshop and in SeaMap in
the future.



Please return registration form by June 14, 2000, to:

Nancy Kent
SeaMap Project Office
Polaris Building, 3rd Floor
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Tel:  902-426-8243/426-7750
Fax:  902-426-1893
E-mail:  seamap@agc.bio.ns.ca:







Please indicate any special food requirements:


For more information, please contact:

Bruce Richards
Manager, Hydrographic Planning
Central and Arctic Region
Canadian Hydrographic Service

867 Lakeshore Rd.
P.O. Box 5050
Burlington ON  L7R 4A6
Phone: 905-336-4549, 1-877-CHS-LINK	
Fax: 905-336-8916
Email: Richardsb@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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