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GLIN==> New CoastWatch JAVA GIS Utility

Posted on behalf of George Leshkevich <leshkevich@glerl.noaa.gov>

A new utility, based on a JAVA applet, allows interactive retrieval of
physical parameters such as surface temperature, ice cover, winds, and
bottom depth at
a given location in a satellite image, which enhances the accessibility and
utility of Great Lakes CoastWatch data. The applet (best viewed in Netscape)
is initiated using the JAVA GIS button on the Great Lakes CoastWatch home
page: http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/

A window will appear in which you can specify an image type and date,
overlay (shapefile) data, or the URL of a custom shapefile to be viewed.
Current image data includes near real-time NOAA AVHRR surface temperature
data, Channel 1 visible reflectance data, and GLSEA (Great Lakes Surface
Environmental Analysis) cloud-free composited surface temperature data. Ice
concentration data is available during the winter season. Shapefiles include
shoreline, bathymetry (coming soon), and state boundary/land mask overlays.

Once the image type and date are chosen, select and load desired shapefiles,
then press the start button. Two new windows (Panner window and Image
window) and a Control Panel window will appear on your screen. Scroll and
zoom options are available using the Panner and Image windows. Overlays
(shapefiles) are turned on and off using the Control Panel. Overlay colors
can be changed to enhance visibility. In addition, near real-time NOAAPort
marine observation data at buoy, CMAN, and Coast Guard shore station
locations and/or nowcast gridded winds (at the hour of the displayed
satellite image) can be displayed and observed values obtained by moving the
cursor over the station or wind vector of interest.

A fast Internet connection and the Netscape Communicator browser are
recommended for best results using this JAVA applet.

Note: You need to obtain a password to view some data on the CoastWatch web
site...see http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/registration/cwregister.html
There is no fee required.

George A. Leshkevich
Physical Scientist / Manager, Great Lakes CoastWatch
NOAA/Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
2205 Commonwealth Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2945
Phone:  734.741.2265
FAX:    734.741.2055
e-mail: leshkevich@glerl.noaa.gov

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