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GLIN==> Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 19 June 2000

H E A D L I N E S:

Briefing:  Brownfield Legislation
Briefing:  Electricity Reliability
Briefing:  Great Lakes LaMPs and Areas of Concern
Bill:  TVA Power Competition Act
Letter:  Northeast Petroleum Reserve
Letter:  Strategic Petroleum Reserve
Conference:  Lean and Clean Manufacturing
Briefing:  High Gasoline Prices

      The Northeast-Midwest Institute on Monday, June 19, will host a
briefing on pending legislation to clean up and redevelop brownfields.
At the event, the Institute's Charles Bartsch will present an updated
listing of legislative proposals, and congressional staff will review
prospects, particularly for new bipartisan legislation introduced by
leaders of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

      The June 19 event will begin at 11:00 am in room 285 of the Hall
of the States (444 N. Capitol Street).

      CONTACT:  Charles Bartsch at the Northeast-Midwest Institute

      Noting the potential for additional blackouts and brownouts, the
Northeast-Midwest Coalitions on Thursday, June 22, will host a
briefing on electricity reliability.  The event, featuring Department
of Energy and Energy Information Administration experts, will pay
particular attention to prospects for the coming summer months.

      The briefing on June 22 will begin at 2:00 pm in room 1539 of the
Longworth House Office Building.  To accommodate state officials, a
subsequent briefing on June 22 will begin at 3:30 pm in room 285 at
the Hall of the States.

      CONTACT:  Cameron Taylor at the Northeast-Midwest Senate
Coalition (224-0606).

      The Great Lakes Task Forces on Tuesday, June 20, are sponsoring a
briefing on Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPs) and Areas of Concern
(AOCs).  The event will focus on the basic components of the LaMPs,
public feedback received to date, and some of the key projects
anticipated to improve the Lakes ecosystem, as well as updates on
pending legislation and appropriations for cleanup of the AOCs.

      Speakers will include Francis Lyons, EPA Great Lakes National
Program Manager; Diane Regas, EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for
Water; Emily Green of the Sierra Club; George Kuper of the Council of
Great Lakes Industries; and Gail Hesse of Ohio EPA.

      The Tuesday briefing will run from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm in room
SC-4 of the U.S. Capitol.

      CONTACT:  Rochelle Sturtevant at the Northeast-Midwest Senate
Coalition (224-1211).

      Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) last week introduced legislation
to restructure the debt-ridden and mismanaged Tennessee Valley
Authority.  The bill, which enjoys bipartisan support, would have TVA
sell its fossil and nuclear units and return the giant agency to its
original mission as an integrated water management agency that handles
navigation, flood control, and hydroelectric production.  The bill
would protect taxpayers across the country and allow Tennessee Valley
residents to enjoy the benefits of competition.

      CONTACT:  Ed Krenik with Rep. Frelinghuysen (225-5034).

      Senators Christopher Dodd (D-CT), Susan Collins (R-ME), Jim
Jeffords (R-VT), and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) are asking appropriators
to provide $10 million for a home heating oil reserve in the
Northeast.  They argue that a reserve would help ensure that last
winter's huge increase in home heating oil prices never happens again.

      Because diesel fuel and jet fuel can be used as substitutes for
heating oil, industry experts believe a heating oil reserve would
reduce the prices of diesel fuel and jet fuel, as well as heating oil.

      CONTACT:  Cameron Taylor at the Northeast-Midwest Senate
Coalition (224-0606).

      Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Susan Collins (R-ME) are
sending a letter, signed by a dozen northeastern senators, asking
President Clinton to use to Strategic Petroleum Reserve as leverage to
counter OPEC's "risky profiteering."  According to the letter, "With
global supply, demand, and inventories remaining out of sync with each
other, and OPEC ministers unwilling to play by the rules which they
themselves created, the United States has every right to act
decisively in the interest of its economic security.  ...The immediate
commencement of a 'swaps' policy using SPR oil would moderate the
global oil market, and generally buffer against foreign supply

      CONTACT:  Cameron Taylor at the Northeast-Midwest Senate
Coalition (224-0606).

      The National Environmental Policy Institute, in cooperation with
the Congressional Task Force on Manufacturing, on Wednesday, June 21,
will present a conference on lean and clean manufacturing.  The event
will discuss how small and mid-sized manufacturers can enhance their
environmental performance.

      Speakers include Rep. James Greenwood (R-PA); John Cusack, CEO of
Innovest; and Connecticut State Representative Robert Maddox.  The
all-day event will be at the Hall of the States at 444 N. Capitol
Street.  There is no charge for this event and lunch is included.
Register on line at www.nepi.org or call Greg Planicka with NEPI
(857-4784 ext.15).

      The Congressional Oil and Gas Forum on Thursday, June 22, will
host a discussion on volatile gasoline prices by Daniel Yergin, author
of THE PRIZE and a leading independent expert on the energy industry.

      The Thursday event will run from 8:30 am until 9:30 am in the
Madison Room, S-207 of the U.S. Capitol.  A continental breakfast will
be served at 8:00 am.

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