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GLIN==> Correction - Shorebird Sister Schools Program Workshop - Central Flyway!! August15-16, 2000 North Dakota!!

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The dates on the previous application form said August 12-18.  This was a
window we were selecting a 2-day workshop from, so use the form below if
you are getting ready to sign up.  The course is filling up quickly, so if
you want to attend, get your application in right away, or call Jim Corven
at Manomet, (508) 224-6521

Please Post and Circulate

Updated 6/1/2000

Shorebird Educators Workshop

The Prairie Pothole Joint Venture (PPJV), the Western Hemisphere Shorebird
Reserve Network (WHSRN) and the USFWS National Conservation Training Center
are teaming up to bring the Shorebird Sister Schools Program (SSSP) to the
Central Flyway August 15-16, 2000.

The two-day workshop will be held at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve,
near Devil's Lake, North Dakota, (
http://mountain-prairie.fws.gov/refuges/sullys/ ) for 30 educators,
outreach specialists, and naturalists from schools, state, federal and
local public agencies, non-governmental organizations, nature centers, and
environmental education programs.

The workshop will be very practical and involve hands-on activities for the
participants. You will learn how to use new resources to teach and motivate
audiences about shorebirds and habitat conservation along the Central US
Flyway.  Included in the materials will be a multi-disciplinary K-12
Teachers Guide that contains activities aligned with the National Education
Standards, accessing the SSSP's and WHSRN web site and an email listserve
designed to track shorebirds along the Central Flyway, providing
communication between migratory bird enthusiasts throughout the Western
Hemisphere. Additionally, an exciting and information packed Shorebird
Resource Kit developed by SSSP and WHSRN, including shorebird puppets, a
shorebird migration game, videos, and many booklets, posters, etc., etc.
will be introduced.

The SSSP is an education and public outreach program designed for broad
audiences to track the migration of Arctic-nesting shorebirds from their
wintering grounds to their nesting grounds in Alaska and the Canadian
Arctic.  Established in 1994, this interactive online program has now
expanded to all the major flyways in the country.  SSSP includes a World
Wide Web site, an e-mail listserve, and a K-12 curriculum.

WHSRN is a coalition of over 145 organizations in North and South America
cooperating to protect and manage critical shorebird habitats.  WHSRN
focuses it's U.S. work at 42 highly critical sites in 24 states through
research, land management, training, and public outreach/education.  In the
fall of 1999 a shorebird educators workshop was conducted for the Atlantic
Flyway and the Shorebird Resource Kit was developed.

Through the SSSP, new partnerships are developing between non-governmental
organizations, schools, researchers, and communities.  These partnerships
are an excellent example of pro-active outreach and are building support
for USFWS, state fish and game agencies, endangered species programs, and
wetlands protection initiatives across the country.

Space in the workshop is limited to 30 people, so sign up quick!!  There is
no fee for the workshop, and all attendees will receive the Arctic-nesting
Shorebird curriculum guide and materials FREE. Applicants should have a
basic background in biological sciences and be involved in relevant
educational or public outreach programs in the U.S. Central Flyway region.
Please complete the attached form and submit no later than June 30, 2000 to
Jim Corven, WHSRN, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, P.O. Box 1770,
Manomet, MA 02345, or fax to (508) 224-9220.  For further information:
(508) 224-6521 or email  jmcorven@manomet.org



1.Learn how to organize and lead training workshops on shorebird/wetland
conservation for teachers, environmental organizations, nature centers, and
community organizations.
2.Learn about shorebird natural history, ecology, migration, and
conservation issues.
3.Become familiar with and practice activities from the "Arctic Nesting
Shorebirds" curriculum.
4.Learn how to use activities to meet some National Science Standards.
5.Learn how to use the FWS Shorebird Listserv for the SSSP.
6.Be able to organize and lead field trips.
7.Be familiar with shorebird and wetland resources available from the U.S.
Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and WHSRN with special emphasis on the
Shorebird Educators Kit.
8.Become familiar with regional, national, and international programs and
resources available to educators and outreach specialists.


Day 1:
Introductions & Overview  (30 min)
Shorebird natural history, ecology, migration, conservation issues  (1 hr.)
The Arctic Nesting Shorebirds curriculum guide: activities and uses.  (2
Internet Websites and listserv  (1 hr.)
Shorebird Educators' Kit materials and uses  (2.5 hrs.)

Day 2:
     Field trip:  Waterbird viewing, "Mud meals", and Avian Olympics  (4
     Websites, posting reports  (30 min)
     Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network & U.S. Shorebird
Conservation Plan (1 hr.)
     Applying the Program  (1 hr.)
     Evaluations & Awards  (30 min.)


Travel:  The nearest airport is Devil's Lake, ND, 16 mi. from the refuge,
is served by United Air/Great Lakes Air service from Minneapolis, MN.
Grand Forks, ND is 96 mi. east of the refuge and has more connections but
will require ground transportation to the refuge.

Accommodations:  The Spirit Lake Casino & Resort (800 946-8238), 6 mi. from
the refuge, has double rooms for a special group rate of $51.16.  They also
offer free shuttle service from the Devil's Lake Airport and to the refuge.
The Comfort Inn (701 662-6760) in Devil's Lake (16 mi. to refuge) is also
available for $54.00 (includes cont. breakfast).

Meals:  Breakfast is available at the Resort (guests receive $2.00 off).
Lunch will be catered at the refuge for about $6.00/person.  The Resort
offers guests 50% off their evening buffet ($8.95/$12.95).

                       Shorebird Educators Workshop
              Sully Hill National Game Preserve, North Dakota
                            August 15-16, 2000


Please type or print clearly

Full name

Street Address

City/Town  _______________________________ State  _________  Zip

Tel  __(______)________________________  Fax  __(______)

Email  ____________________________________________________________________



What is your professional knowledge or experience with migratory birds,
wetlands, field biology, nature interpretation?

How will this training benefit your work?

Please submit to Jim Corven, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, P.O.
Box 1770,

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