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Wisconsin Wetlands Association
222 S. Hamilton Street, #1
Madison  WI  53703
(608) 2250-9971
wetlands@execpc.com <mailto:wetlands@execpc.com>
www.wiscwetlands.org <http://www.wiscwetlands.org>
Contact:  Charlie Luthin



The inland and coastal wetlands of the Lake Superior basin in northern
Wisconsin and northeastern Minnesota face continual threats from urban
growth, commercial development, highway construction and other human
activities.  However, wetland degradation and loss have direct financial and
ecological impacts on the nearby communities.  As a result, there is growing
concern about the incremental loss of wetlands in the region.  Our wetlands
provide vital habitat for important species, serve as a buffer for flood
waters, help reduce the amount of sediments carried into our waterways, and
generally enhance our quality of life.  Wetlands provide important feeding
and breeding areas for fish, waterfowl, deer, grouse and other game animals.

The Wisconsin Wetlands Association, together with several agencies and
organizations, have planned a day-long workshop for area citizens of
Wisconsin and Minnesota to address issues that affect wetland ecosystems in
the Lake Superior Basin.  On Saturday, September 23rd, the University of
Wisconsin-Superior will host the event from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  Other
sponsors include the National Audubon Society, Wisconsin Coastal Management
Program, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, St. Louis River Citizens Action Committee, and the
Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education (EAGLE).

The morning presentations by prominent area wetland ecologists will feature
an overview of the important issues facing the region's wetlands and the
economic and ecological values of coastal and inland wetlands.  Federal and
state regulations that govern wetlands will be summarized, and citizen
involvement in wetland conservation will be discussed.  Three different
afternoon field trips have been scheduled to visit wetland sites throughout
the two-state region, including a trip up the St. Louis River in the
UW-Superior research Vessel, SS Smith.  Some of the region's best wetland
experts will be on hand to answer questions and to share their knowledge of
these complex wetland communities.

This workshop, open to the general public, will provide valuable
information, contacts and materials on wetlands.  The workshop is of
particular value to educators, community leaders (city and county planning
and zoning staff and committees), citizen conservationists and sportsmen.
Please register early, as space is limited.  Field trip preference will be
on a first come, first served basis.  The registration fee of $20 covers
lunch, coffee breaks and educational materials.

For more information, contact the Wisconsin Wetlands Association in Madison,
Wisconsin.  Phone: (608) 250-9971, e-mail: wetlands@execpc.com, website:

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