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GLIN==> Two new sections on TEACH Great Lakes!

TEACH Great Lakes has released two new modules: Shoreline geology and Great Lakes ports and shipping.

Great Lakes shoreline geology:
From the wetlands along Lake Ontario's shore, to the sand dunes along Lake Michigan, to the rocky shore of Lake Superior, the Great Lakes shoreline abounds in diversity. Learn about the beaches, dunes and wetlands of the Great Lakes' shoreline as well as Isle Royale's shoreline.

Great Lakes ports and shipping:
The Great Lakes, often referred to as the "fourth seacoast," are home to the U.S.- and Canadian-Flag fleets, as well as dozens of international vessels from ports around the world. Learn more about these ships, what they carry, their ports of call, and the unique journey they make from the Atlantic Ocean to the upper Great Lakes.

The Education And Curriculum Homesite (TEACH Great Lakes), a new component of the
Great Lakes Information Network, focuses on advancing Great Lakes-related educational materials for the broad audience of educators and students in the Great Lakes region and beyond. TEACH Great Lakes can be found at http://www.great-lakes.net/teach/.

If you have any comments or would like more information on TEACH, please contact Sara Ashley, sashley@glc.org.

Sara Ashley
TEACH Great Lakes