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GLIN==> Press Release: Great Lakes Governors release a road map for the future of Great Lakes water management

It is my understandng that some people have been having difficulty reading
my earlier e-mail with this release because it was formatted for html.
Below is a text formatted copy of the press release that I sent earlier this

Jeff Edstrom


Press Release
Great Lakes Governors release a road map for the future of Great Lakes water
Governors ask for public’s input

Embargoed until:
Contact: Maggie Grant
9:00 A.M. EST, December 14, 2000

On behalf of the Great Lakes Governors, Pennsylvania Governor and Council
Chairman Tom Ridge today released Annex 2001, a proposed amendment to the
Great Lakes Charter of 1985, for public review.  The Annex is currently
under discussion with the governments of Ontario and Quebec.  Once
finalized, the Annex would update the regional water management system for
the Great Lakes in order to protect, conserve, restore, and improve the
water and water dependent natural resources of the Great Lakes Basin.  The
Governors welcome comments through the Council of Great Lakes Governors
office until Wednesday, February 28, 2001.

Under the proposed Annex 2001, the Great Lakes Governors and the Premiers of
Ontario and Quebec would:

*	Forge a new binding agreement to manage the Great Lakes waters;
*	Create a new standard requiring an improvement to the water and
water-dependent natural resources of the Great Lakes before allowing new or
increased water withdrawals;
*	Implement the new standard for interim decisions under the U.S. Water
Resources Development Act (WRDA);
*	Obtain better information so that the water is managed rationally; and
*	Include the Premiers in reviewing and consulting on all new proposed
diversions subject to the WRDA by lowering the trigger level for diversions
under the Charter.

Under the current Charter, the Governors and Premiers of Ontario and Quebec
notify and consult with each other on proposals for diversions and
consumptive uses of waters within their Great Lakes Basin of over five
million gallons (19 million liters) per day.  Additionally, the Governors
have direct authority over the Great Lakes waters within the United States
through the WRDA.  Under the WRDA, no bulk export or diversions of Great
Lakes waters from the basin can take place without the unanimous approval of
all of the Great Lakes Governors.

“This proposed Annex represents a significant step forward in protecting our
Great Lakes,” said Governor Ridge, “ The goal of the Annex is to ensure that
we who live on and manage the Great Lakes on a day-to-day basis have the
tools necessary to make certain that our water is used wisely and
effectively to the benefit of all of our citizens.  The public’s input in
this process is critical as we work with our counterparts in Ontario and
Quebec to build a more effective regional water management system.”

Following the public comment period, the Governors, in consultation with the
Premiers, will review the comments and make changes before releasing the
final Annex 2001.  They will then begin developing a set of more binding
agreements as agreed to in the Annex.

Comments should be forwarded to the Council of Great Lakes Governors by
e-mail at cglg@cglg.org, by fax at 312-407-0038, or by mail to:

    Annex 2001 Comments
    Council of Great Lakes Governors
    35 East Wacker Drive
    Suite 1850
    Chicago, IL  60601

The Council of Great Lakes Governors is a non-profit, non-partisan
partnership of Governors of the Great Lakes states—Illinois (George H.
Ryan), Indiana (Frank O’Bannon), Michigan (John Engler), Minnesota (Jesse
Ventura), New York (George E. Pataki), Ohio (Bob Taft), Pennsylvania (Tom
Ridge), and Wisconsin (Tommy G. Thompson).  Through the Council, the
Governors collectively tackle the environmental and economic challenges
facing the citizens of the region.

The full text of Annex 2001 can be accessed at

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