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GLIN==> Great Lakes Student Summit request

Request for material contributions

An excellent opportunity to get your organization's education materials/information introduced into Great Lakes classrooms!

The Great Lakes Student Summit Steering Committee is currently seeking materials to include for the "Prize Patrol" and in "Welcome Bags" for approximately 250 - 300 participating students and teachers.  

Any contribution is welcome, BIG or small.  Whether it be 300 stickers to include in the "Welcome Bags" or a poster to give away for the "Prize Patrol".  Organizations that have already generously contributed materials to this worthwhile educational event include the USEPA GLNPO, IJC, Ohio Sea Grant, Wisconsin Sea Grant and New York Sea Grant.  All contributing organizations will be acknowledged in print.

The fourth biennial Great Lakes Student Summit - "Great Lakes, Great Rivers: Lessons from the past, lessons for the future..."  http://www.greatlakesed.org/2001summit.htm will be taking place May 9-11, 2001 in Buffalo, NY.

Western New York will once again welcome hundreds of students and their teachers from states and provinces around the Great Lakes basin to the fourth biennial Great Lakes Student Summit. Students in grades 5-9 will  come together to showcase their own research projects, participate in field trips to Niagara Falls and Lake Erie, and attend workshops relating to Great Lakes issues.

Already confirmed to attend the Summit are groups from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and Ontario.  A contingency from the IJC will also be in attendance.  Registration is ongoing.

For more information about the Great Lakes Student Summit, please contact Jill Spisiak, Summit Coordinator at 716.858.8846 or email at SPISIAKJ@bflo.co.erie.ny.us .

Contributions can be mailed to:

Great Lakes Student Summit
c/o Erie County Department of Environment and Planning
95 Franklin St. Room 1077
Buffalo, NY  14202

On behalf of the Great Lakes Student Summit Steering Committee, thank you in advance for your support.  It will truly be an experience the students will never forget!

Lauren J. Makeyenko
Education / Program Specialist
Center for Great Lakes Environmental Education
P.O. Box 56
Buffalo, New York 14205-0056

Phone: 716.878.3175
Fax:  716.885.5292
E-mail:  laurenm@greatlakesed.org
Web site:  www.greatlakesed.org

... Effective education on Great Lakes issues will play a pivotal role in efforts to restore, protect,
and maintain the health of the Great Lakes ...