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Contact:  Ken Silfven
January 4,2001			

Public Hearing on Great Lakes Water Management
The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will hold a public hearing on draft Annex 2001, a proposed amendment to the Great Lakes Charter, relating to consumptive uses and diversion of Great Lakes water.
			The hearing is scheduled for Friday, February 2, 2001, 9:30 a.m., at the DEQ's Office of Administrative Hearings, Knapps Centre, 3rd Floor, Suite 320, 300 S. Washington Avenue, Lansing, Michigan.
	Under the proposed Annex 2001, the Great Lakes Governors and the Premiers of Ontario and Quebec would commit to:
	Forging a new binding agreement to manage the Great Lakes waters;
	Creating a new standard requiring an improvement to the water and water-dependent natural resources of the Great Lakes before allowing new or increased water withdrawals;
	Implementing the new standard for interim decisions under the U.S. Water Resources Development Act (WRDA);
	Obtaining better information so that the water is managed rationally; and
	Including the Premiers in reviewing and consulting on all new proposed diversions subject to the WRDA by lowering the trigger level for diversions under the Charter.

Under the current Charter, the Governors and Premiers of Ontario and Quebec notify and consult with each other on proposals for diversions and consumptive uses of waters within their Great Lakes Basin of over five million gallons (19 million liters) per day.  Additionally, the Governors have direct authority over the Great Lakes waters within the United States through the WRDA.  Under the WRDA, no bulk export or diversions of Great Lakes waters from the basin can take place without the unanimous approval of all of the Great Lakes Governors.

Following the public comment period, the Governors, in consultation with the Premiers, will review the comments and make changes before releasing the final Annex 2001.  They will then begin developing a set of more binding agreements as agreed to in the Annex.

Comments should be forwarded to Tracy Mehan, Director of the Office of the Great Lakes, by e-mail at mehang@state.mi.us, by fax at 517-335-4053, or by mail to:
	Mr. G. Tracy Mehan, Director
	Office of the Great Lakes
	P.O. Box 30473
	Lansing, MI  48909-7973

A draft version of the Annex 2001 amendment and an overview of frequently asked questions are available on the Office of the Great Lakes web site, located at http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ogl/

For details on Annex 2001, contact Tracy Mehan at 517-335-4056.

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