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GLIN==> Latest Seiche Newsletter is online

The latest issue of Minnesota Sea Grant's Seiche newsletter is available at

Articles include:

Research Hazards

Minnesota Sea Grant scientists recall some memorable moments during their quests
for data, the "gold" of science.

The Smell of Fear:  Ruffe "Alarm" Pheromones

University of Minnesota researchers have found that Eurasian ruffe, an exotic 
fish, produce a repellant smell.  These pheromones could be used to reduce the 
spread of ruffe in the Great Lakes.

Expanding Seafood Safety from the Grocery Store to the Bait Store

A systematic method used to ensure food safety is now being adapted to minimize 
the presence of aquatic nuisance species in fish hatcheries and baitfish 

Major Zebra Mussel Infestation in Harbor Impacts Native Mussels, Boaters

A diver looking for native mussels in the Duluth-Superior Harbor finds grim 
conditions due to an infestation of zebra mussels.

"What If?"  Planning a Watershed 's Future

Sea Grant is helping to sponsor a national program devoted to educating city 
planners and decision makers about the way land use influences water quality.

Cooking Your Catch

Those new to angling will appreciate the information found in this free 
brochure, which includes preparation guidelines, freezing information, and 
cooking hints, along with recipes for Great Lakes fish.

Free Lake Superior Calendar

If you're still looking for a 2001 calendar, try our "Lake Superior Whimsy and 
Fact" calendar.  It features 12 black-and-white photos and information about 
Lake Superior shipwrecks.

..plus information on other staff activities and new products/services.
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Marie Zhuikov (pronounced zwee-cough)
Communications Coordinator
MN Sea Grant, University of MN - Duluth
(218) 726-7677   Fax: (218) 726-6556
MN Sea Grant Home Page: www.seagrant.umn.edu

"Information to the people is the most 
legitimate engine of government."   Thomas Jefferson

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