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GLIN==> USGS Names Donna Myers to Lead New Focus Area in the Great Lakes

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News Release: Feb. 13, 2001
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Geological Survey
953 National Center
Reston, VA 20192

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USGS Names Donna Myers to Lead New Focus Area in the Great Lakes

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has named Donna Myers to be its Great
Lakes Coordinator.  Ms. Myers  filled this newly created position beginning
in January 2001.  The goal of the position is to promote the integration of
the biological sciences, geology, mapping, and water programs in the Great
Lakes Basin to better serve the needs of natural resource managers.
Together, she and members of the USGS's Great Lakes Technical Team will
work within and outside of USGS to develop data and information for the
wise use, management, and conservation of natural resources in the Great
Lakes Basin.

Currently, Ms. Myers serves as the Ohio Coordinator of biodiversity
conservation studies for the National GAP Analysis Program.  She has served
as the lead scientist for the National Water-Quality Assessment Program in
the Lake Erie Basin (1994-2000).   In 1998, she received the Dept. of
Interior's Superior Service Award for her work integrating human-health
microbiology into water-quality studies.  She has authored many reports and
presentations on water quality, aquatic biology, and public-health

Ms. Myers began her career with the USGS in 1985 as a hydrologist, and was
promoted to a supervisory hydrologist in 1993.  Prior to working for the
USGS, she was employed by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency from
1979-84 as a water-quality scientist.  She received an M.S. in biological
sciences in 1979 from Kent State University with an emphasis in limnology,
or lake studies.  She received a B.S. in zoology in 1974 from Ohio
University.  As a charter member, Ms. Myers helped to form the Ohio Lake
Management Society (OLMS) in 1985.

"With help from my USGS Great Lakes Science Team, my number one job is to
bring together the talents of the USGS from biology, geology, mapping, and
water to provide integrated data and information to support the wise use,
management, and conservation of natural resources in the Great Lakes Basin,"
said Ms. Myers of her new responsibilities.  "It's a challenging task,
but one I'm very excited to be undertaking."

Ms. Myers is located in the USGS Office in Columbus, Ohio, and can be
reached by email:  dnmyers@usgs.gov

As the nation's largest water, earth and biological science and civilian
mapping agency, the USGS works in cooperation with more than 2000
organizations across the country to provide reliable, impartial scientific
information to resource managers, planners and other customers.  This
information is gathered in every state by USGS scientists to minimize the
loss of life and property from natural disasters, to contribute to the
conservation and the sound economic and physical development of the
nation's natural resources, and to enhance the quality of life by
monitoring water, biological, energy, and mineral resources.

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