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GLIN==> EPA Citizen Training Workshop on Clean Air Operating Permits

EPA Citizen Training Workshop on Clean Air Operating Permits
Information from Damico.Genevieve@epamail.epa.gov

I can provide better quality Word Perfect copies of the invitation
and draft agenda on request.


Clean Air Act Operating Permits
How Can You Get Involved?

Title V of the Clean Air Act requires operating permits for existing major stationary sources of air pollution.  The Title V permit unites state and federal pollution control requirements into one comprehensive document to form a terrific compliance tool.  Title V provides unique opportunities for public involvement.  Learning how the process works can be one of the most effective means the public can have to protect local air quality, your health and your neighborhood.

Workshop on Citizen Participation in the Title V Air Permitting Process
Presenters include Keri Powell, New York Public Interest Research Group, Alex Sagedy, Sierra Club, U.S. EPA, and local air quality regulators.

May 18 and 19
ACCESS Employment and Human Services Center
6451 Schaefer Road
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

This workshop will:
       Introduce citizens to the Title V permit process

       Explain the local, state and federal role in Title V permitting

       Give citizens tools, skills, and reference materials to help them review Title V permits

       Explain various options available for citizens to participate in the Title V permitting process
Who should attend:

       Community activists
       Environmental activists
       Concerned citizens who live near major stationary sources of air pollution
       Concerned citizens who are involved in air permit issues
       Concerned citizens who have an interest in becoming involved in air pollution control issues

        Registration is due May 4. Space is limited to 50 participants.  There is no registration fee. 
        Dearborn Lodging suggestions: Courtyard By Marriott, 5200 Mercury Dr. (313) 271-1400, Ramada Limited, 13181 Michigan Ave. (313) 945-8845, Days Inn, 12800 Michigan Ave.  (313) 582-9232.

?       For more information about registration or questions regarding the workshop, contact Genevieve Damico, at EPA Region 5 at (312) 353-4761 (damico.genevieve@epa.gov)

Co_sponsored by: U.S. EPA, MDEQ, Wayne County Department of Environment, East Michigan Environmental Action Council, Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, Technical Outreach Services for Communities, and Michigan Environmental Council.
Registration Form
Citizen Participation in the Title V Air Permitting Process

Workshop Hours:
Friday, May 18   6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday, May 19   8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Name _________________________________________

Organizational Affiliation (if any)________________________________________


Phone   ____________________________      FAX___________________________________
E-mail Address  ____________________________________________

There will be a catered lunch available on Saturday, May 19.  The cost is expected to be $10 due at
Check-in.  Please indicate if you are interested in participating in the lunch.
        Yes               No

My experience level:

_____ I am new to air quality regulations and issues
_____ I have some limited experience with air quality regulations
_____ I have experience with air quality issues, but not Title V
_____ I have experience with reviewing Title V permits

Reason for attending workshop

_____ I am an environmental or community activist
_____ I am an environmental professional
_____ I represent a governmental agency
Return to:      Genevieve Damico
                                        USEPA (AR-18J)
                                        77 W. Jackson Blvd.
                                        Chicago, IL 60604
                                        FAX (312) 886-5824

Space is limited, so register EARLY!  You will receive confirmation of your registration prior to the workshop.  If you have any special accommodation requirements, please contact us.


Draft Agenda

Citizen Participation in the Title V Air Permitting Process

May 18th
5:30-6:00       Check-in

6:00-6:15       Welcome and Introductions
6:15-6:45       Introduction to Air Pollution Permitting
6:45-7:45       Preparing for Permit Review
Targeting your review
        Meeting your deadlines
        Understanding a MI permit
7:45-8:00       Break

8:00-9:00       Preparing for Permit Review
Obtaining all necessary information
May 19th 
7:30-8:00       Check-in

8:00-9:00       Permit Review
Permit Shield         Practical Enforceability
        Language limiting enforceability of the permit

9:00-9:45       Strategies for Reviewing a Title V Permit
Identify the underlying source for any requirement mentioned in the permit application and draft permit

9:45-10:00      Break

10:00-12:00     Strategies for Reviewing a Title V Permit
Review the permit application for helpful information
        Review the Statement of Basis   
        Evaluate the adequacy of general conditions
12:00-1:00      Lunch

1:00-2:30       Strategies for Reviewing a Title V Permit
Check to see if source-specific air quality requirements are correctly incorporated into the permit

Determine whether any federal requirements are incorrectly identified as state-only in the draft permit

2:30-2:45       Break

2:45-3:30       Submitting Comments on a Draft Title V Permit

3:30-4:00       Objections and Petitions

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        Email:  ajs@sagady.com

Environmental Enforcement, Permits/Technical Review, Public Policy and
Communications on Air, Water and Waste Issues
and Community Environmental Protection

PO Box 39  East Lansing, MI  48826-0039 
(517) 332-6971 (voice); (517) 332-8987 (fax)
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