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GLIN==> New Publications from Ohio Sea Grant

New Publications from Ohio Sea Grant

The Ohio Sea Grant College Program at The Ohio State University produces and distributes many publications and journal articles that are based on Sea Grant sponsored research, education, and extension projects. Listed below are new publications. Please review and forward this list to appropriate individuals.

Ordering Information: Mail your requests to the address below or e-mail cruickshank.3@osu.edu. Please type "Publication Request" in the subject line. Include the publication title and the item number. Publications are free unless noted otherwise. If a price is indicated, prepayment by check or money order (payable to The Ohio State University) must be included in your mailed request. Prices include shipping and handling.

Ohio Sea Grant Publications
1314 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH 43212-1194

For a list of previously published articles request either the "Technical Publications Brochure"(which lists research results) or the "Publications Brochure" (which list items for educators and the general public).

All publications are also available on a loan basis through the:

National Sea Grant Library
University of Rhode Island-Bay Campus
Pell Library Bldg.
Narragansett, RI 02882
(401) 874-6539
(401) 874-6160 (fax)


B-051b Stone Laboratory 2001 Summer Courses Information Packet


Twine Line: The educational newsletter of Ohio Sea Grant, covering issues, events, and research related to Lake Erie and the Great Lakes. Bi-monthly newsletter/$6.00 per year (6 issues). (contact the Ohio Sea Grant office for a sample copy).


RS-248 Potential of High Resolution Satellite Imagery for National Mapping Products

RS-249 Habitat Shift in Invading Species: Zebra and Quagga Mussel Population Characteristics on Shallow Soft Substrates

RS-250 In Vitro Effect of Gossypol Acetate on Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) Spermatozoa

RS-251 Accuracy Evaluation of Ground Points from IKONOS High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

RS-252 The Effect of Vitamins C and E in (n-3) Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Enriched Artemia nauplii on Growth, Survival, and Stress Resistance of Fresh Water Walleye

RS-253 Fertilization in Landlocked Sea Lamprey: Storage of Gametes, Optimal Sperm, Egg Ratio, and Methods of Assessing Fertilization Success

RS-254 Effects of Gossypol on Sperm Viability and Plasma Sex Steroid Hormones in Male Sea Lamprey, Petromyzon marinus

RS-255 The Aquatic Macrophyte Community at Put-in-Bay, Ohio

RS-256 Association of Organotin Compounds with Aquatic and Terrestrial Humic Substances

RS-257 Intentional Introductions of Nonindigenous Species: A Principal-Agent Model and Protocol for Revocable Decisions

RS-258 Conservation Genetics of Freshwater Mussels: Comment on Mulvey et al.

RS-259 Geographic Information System (GIS) Analysis of Ecosystem Invasion: Exotic Mussels in Lake Erie

Technical Bulletins

TB-045 Ohio Sea Grant College Program Strategic Plan 2000-05 & Implementation Plan 2000-02

TB-047 Ohio Sea Grant College Program Progress Report 1998-1999

TB-048 Catalogue of the vertebrate fauna of Old Woman Creek Estuary, watershed, and environs
        (copies @ $.10 a page)

TB-049 Catalogue of the invertebrate fauna of Old Woman Creek Estuary, watershed, and adjacent waters of Lake Erie
        (copies @ $.10 a page)

TB-050 Bibliography of research publications for Old Woman Creek Estuary, watershed, and adjacent waters of Lake Erie
        (copies @ $.10 a page)

TB-051 Catalogue of the algal flora of Old Woman Creek Estuary, watershed, and adjacent waters of Lake Erie
        (copies @ $.10 a page)

TB-052 Ohio Sea Grant College Program Progress Report 1999-2000

Theses and Dissertations


TD-080 The impact of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) of pelagic food webs

TD-081 Toxic Microcystis in Western Lake Erie: Ecotoxicological Relationships with Three Non-Indigenous Species Increase
Risks to the Aquatic Community

TD-082 An Evaluation of the Economic Impacts of the Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative

Technical Summaries

TS-026 Assessment of the relative economic impacts of the sport and commercial fisheries on Ohio's Lake Erie ($2.00)

TS-030 Survey of Recreational Boater Safety in Ohio During 1999 ($1.00)