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GLIN==> Lake Superior Youth Symposium Registration Deadline is April 6

Posted on behalf of Joan Schumaker-Chadde <jchadde@mtu.edu>

Registration Deadline for Lake Superior Youth Symposium Is April 6
---And There Are Still 10 Student Sponsorships Available For Students in
Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnesota !!

Don't forget the registration deadline for the Fourth Biennial Lake
Superior Youth Symposium is Friday, April 6! The symposium, which is for
students and teachers in grade 8-12, will take place May 17-20 at Michigan
Technological University in Houghton, Michigan.  Almost 400 students and
teachers from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario have already
registered---only 50 unfilled spaces remain!

At the symposium, students and teachers will learn about Lake Superior and
the Great Lakes through field trips and presentations. Participants will be
able to choose from sixty different field trips and presentations that will
be offered on a wide variety of topics, including Great Lakes history,
geology, water quality, forest management, pollution threats, wildlife,
student activism, photography, art and model student projects. Students
will also have the opportunity to participate in a Lake Superior
rendezvous, try rock climbing, a group challenge course, or paddling on the
Portage Waterway in a 36-foot voyageur canoe, and of course, make new

Dave Fehringer, District Manager in the Lake States Region of International
Paper (IP), announced that they will provide up to TEN full or partial
registration sponsorships to students in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota
who would like to attend the symposium and learn more about forestry and
water quality. "We see the symposium as an excellent way to introduce youth
to the sustainable forestry initiative and the many challenges of natural
resource management in the Lake Superior and Great Lakes region."

Students in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota may apply for the
sponsorships by sending a one-page letter requesting a registration
sponsorship to: Joan Chadde, Symposium Sponsorships, 105 Dillman Hall,
Michigan Technological University, 1400 Townsend Dr., Houghton, MI
49931-1295. Or letters may be faxed to:  906-487-1620. Letters should
describe why a student wants to attend the symposium, how they hope to
benefit from the symposium, and how they will share what they learn.
Students should also indicate an interest in learning about forestry and
attending one of the forestry field trips at the symposium. Students will
be notified by April 20 if they have been selected to receive a sponsorship.

Symposium registration is $100 per student and $125 chaperone. Chaperones
may be teachers, parents, or youth leaders. Registration covers meals and
lodging for the entire 3-day symposium, plus all field trips and
presentations. One chaperone per 10 students is required. Registration is
limited to the first 450 students and teachers to register.   Registration
and sponsorship request letters must be POSTMARKED by April 6.

The symposium is being organized by the Center for Science and
Environmental Outreach at Michigan Technological University, the Western
Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental
Education, and many other agencies and organizations.

For symposium program information or to register online, visit the
symposium website:    http://www.emmap.mtu.edu/gem/

To request a 24-page symposium program booklet, contact Joan Chadde,
symposium coordinator at Michigan Technological University, by phone:
906-487-3341 or email:  jchadde@mtu.edu

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