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GLIN==> GLTV Unveils Web Site

Posted on behalf of David Hammond <dchammon@umich.edu>

CONTACT:   David Hammond, Director of National Programs, (716) 317-3717

DATE:  April 11, 2001



ANN ARBOR - The Great Lakes Television Consortium (GLTV), the
newly-created television production arm of Michigan Radio, has unveiled
an interactive web site (gltv.org) to complement the release of its
first documentary series, "The Sprawling of America," a two-part,
two-hour series that examines the devastating social, economic and
environmental impacts of sprawl.

The first documentary, "Inner City Blues," will look at the history of
Detroit as a case study of how race, racial conflict, and short-sided
federal programs have subsidized sprawl and helped to decimate
metropolitan areas all across the country.  The second documentary, "Fat
of the Land," examines the impact of suburban sprawl on rural
communities and the agricultural sector.

Not only will the web site give visitors the ability to view all GLTV
documentaries in their entirety, but the site will also give visitors
access to a wide range of resources related to each program.

"We wanted to give a shelf life to the documentaries and the issues
raised in them," says David Hammond, Michigan Radio's Director of
National Programs.  "While television is an excellent way to reach a
wide range of people, unfortunately, it's a fleeting medium.  Once a
program has aired, there's little opportunity for follow-up.  With this
site, we wanted to give people a place where they could find additional
information and get involved."

Besides the actual documentaries, the site will also include question
and answer sessions with GLTV producers, complete transcripts of all
interviews, video interview excerpts, a photo essay about sprawl,
bibliographies and links to related source materials, staff and crew
bios, and a secure server to purchase all documentaries online.

Hammond adds, "While the web site will initially be focused around the
issue of sprawl, it will evolve and change with each documentary that we
produce.  Ultimately, we want this site to become a resource for
people---a place that people can visit again and again to learn
something new."

The two-part, two-hour series will begin airing on Michigan public
television stations in May 2001.  Check the GLTV website for local
broadcast listings.

Founded in 1948 as a fine arts station, Michigan Radio
(michiganradio.org) is the state's largest public radio system reaching
a weekly audience approaching 260,000 listeners.  The station reaches
over 80% of Michigan's population with 24-hour programming.   In 1998
and 2000, Michigan Radio was named "National Station of the Year" by the
Public Radio Program Directors and in 1999, the Public Radio Program
Directors awarded Michigan Radio the national award for "Excellence in
On-Air Sound."

In May 2000, Michigan Radio founded a National Productions division and
created the Great Lakes Television Consortium.  The GLTV is the public
television production arm of Michigan Radio and is one of three national
programs that Michigan Radio produces and distributes. The others are
"The Todd Mundt Show" (toddshow.org), a one-hour daily interview program
co-produced with National Public Radio, and the Great Lakes Radio
Consortium (glrc.org), a public radio news service that produces a
weekly feed of environmental news for national distribution.


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