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GLIN==> Upgrading the St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project

Posted on behalf of the New york Power Authority

First New Turbine Arrives Signaling Major Milestone in Project Modernization

May 3, 2001


MASSENA -- The Life Extension and Modernization Program at the St.
Lawrence-Franklin Delano Roosevelt Power Project moved a giant step forward
with the arrival of the first new turbine on Wednesday, May 2. The arrival
of the turbine marks a significant highlight in the modernization of the
project's 16 generators.

Replacing the turbines is part of the 15-year, $254-million Life Extension
Modernization to ensure reliable and efficient power production for the
future. Turbines will be replaced at the rate of about three units every two
years to minimize production losses.

"Beginning turbine replacement is a milestone in modernization for the St.
Lawrence-FDR Power Project," said Joseph J. Seymour, chairman and chief
executive officer of the New York Power Authority. "This high priority
effort is part of Governor George E. Pataki's vision of extending the Power
Authority's ability to produce clean, dependable, low-cost energy and
preserve jobs in the North Country."

This turbine was manufactured by Alstom Power in Tracy, Quebec and made the
155-mile trip by truck to Massena on May 2. It is 19 feet wide, 12 feet
high, weighs 40 tons and is made of stainless steel. The turbine-which
resembles the propeller of a power boat motor-is connected to a generator.
Water rushing through the Robert Moses Power Dam turns the turbine-generator
assembly producing electricity.

Among the design advances in the new turbines are a more efficient shape
which will improve efficiency by getting more power out of the same amount
of water. Also, the use of stainless steel, instead of carbon steel, will
make them more resistant to wear and reduce required maintenance.

After arrival, the turbine will be hoisted by crane onto a 24 foot wide
steel table for assembly with other turbine components, including the
turbine shaft. The turbine and shaft assembly will then be moved to the dam
and installed in the turbine bore where the original turbine-generator was

The Life Extension Modernization began in 1998 and is expected to finish in
2013. Under this ambitious program most of the original 40-plus year-old
equipment in the power house at the Robert Moses Power Dam will be replaced
or renovated to ensure reliable and efficient power production for the

Other recent efforts in the modernization include completion of the
renovation to a 90-ton-capacity crane atop the power dam and rehabilitation
of the 300-ton crane that travels the length of the generator deck to remove
major parts for repair. The detailed design is just about complete; and all
major contracts for the first eight turbines, generator rotor poles,
exciters and the new communications system for operating the turbine units
have been awarded. Other major components such as the circuit breakers and
exciters have been manufactured, tested and delivered.

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