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GLIN==> Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network (IADN) Request forPreproposals

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                         REQUEST FOR PREPROPOSALS
 For the operation of the Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network (IADN)

The Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency is seeking cooperators for the management, operation, and
possible expansion of the Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network (IADN).
IADN is a joint U.S.-Canadian monitoring network aimed at assessing
atmospheric deposition of toxic pollutants to the Great Lakes.

IADN currently collects data on the deposition of toxic pollutants to the
Great Lakes at 16 sites (5 in the U.S.) through wet and dry deposition and
gas exchange.  Source attribution questions are addressed where possible.

The IADN presently consists of one master station per lake, along with
several satellite stations.  The three US master stations are located at
Eagle Harbor, MI, Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI and Sturgeon Point, NY.  Two
satellite stations are located at Chicago, IL and Brule River, WI.  This
request for preproposals (RFP) addresses network management and operation
including sample analysis corresponding to a sample collection period of
two years from November 1, 2001 to October 31, 2003 for the five currently
operating US sites and possible network expansion.

In order to optimize the performance of the components of IADN, this RFP
separates the network into five programs:  trace organics (base program),
trace metals, emerging contaminants, dioxins/furans, and mercury.
Responders to this solicitation may submit preproposals for one or a
combination of the programs.  However, separate budgets for each program
must be submitted.

A grant for the IADN Base Program will be awarded at the conclusion of the
current RFP review.  The level of funding for the Base Program will be that
deemed appropriate by GLNPO.  However, the funding of remaining advertised
program components in this RFP will be subject to current and future
resource availability and may be funded at the conclusion of the review or
at a later date.

Grantees selected for any of the programs are expected to fulfill core
principal investigator responsibilities including program management, field
collection of samples, site maintenance, sample analysis, Steering
Committee participation, data reporting and interpretation, and methods
development and intercomparison.

The full RFP, along with information on quality assurance requirements, is
located on the Internet at:


The deadline for receipt of preproposal packages is August 6, 2001.  Direct
questions, requests for further information, and preproposals to:

Melissa Hulting
U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office
77 West Jackson Boulevard
Mail Code G-17J
Chicago, IL  60604

Phone:    312-886-2265
Fax:  312-353-2018
E-mail:   hulting.melissa@epa.gov

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