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New ways to reach us ...

If you are submitting a preproposal for consideration by the Great Lakes Protection Fund or reporting on the progress of your grant project, you no longer need to send us hard copies.   Simply e-mail your documents to one of the Fund's newly created electronic mailboxes. 

Potential applicants: Send three-page preproposals to preproposals@glpf.org.  See www.glpf.org for our funding guidelines and application procedures. 

All preproposals received on or before August 3 will be considered by the Board at its August 17 meeting.

Fund grantees: Interim and final reports (both the narrative and financial components) may be sent directly to the Fund at reports@glpf.org.

For links to these addresses and more information on the Fund's programming and grant making activities, visit www.glpf.org.

We welcome your calls ...

Although it is easier than ever to reach the Fund on-line, don't hesitate to call us at 847-425-8150 to discuss project ideas and proposals over the phone.

Jolie Krasinski
Project Development Manager
Great Lakes Protection Fund