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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 8/1/01

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SITE OF THE MONTH for August: Freshwater Spills Information Clearinghouse
While there is a wealth of information on the Internet about oil spills 
in the marine environment, the same is not true of oil spills to 
freshwater bodies, such as the Great Lakes. The Freshwater Spills 
Information Clearinghouse is trying to change that. FSIC is a 
comprehensive source of information with sections dedicated to oil spill 
planning and response, mapping, laws and regulations, education, 
science, and a public e-mail list. You'll also find numerous links to 
organizations that offer information regarding spills and Area 
Contingency Plans, which are available to download. FSIC is the official 
web host of the U.S. EPA-sponsored Freshwater Spills Symposium 2002, to 
be held March 19-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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http://www.great-lakes.net/news/sotm/gdlns.html for more details.

AIR NOW: Where I Live
With the hot, humid weather outlook in the Great Lakes region this week, 
check out this "Where I Live" page to find all the information you need 
about ozone and other real-time air pollution data in your area - all 
from one web site! You'll find forecasts, maps, ozone action day 
warnings, state real-time data and more.

The spiny waterflea (Bythotrephes cederstroemi) and fishhook waterflea 
(Cercopagis pengoi) are two non-native species that have recently 
invaded the Great Lakes. Help fight these invaders by participating in 
the Great Lakes Waterflea Reports web site. This is an attempt to 
compile and provide timely information to Great Lakes researchers and 
water users as to the location and extent of exotic waterflea populations.

This Internet-based birding guide is written by Indiana birders for 
birders within the state, as well as visitors. It offers interactive 
maps and expert advice on where to go to find target birds in Indiana.

New NOAA-GLERL photo gallery!
This online visual library is organized into seven categories: 
Facilities/Vessels, Fieldwork, Ice, Lake Levels, Logos, Waterlife, and 
miscellaneous scenic photos and Great Lakes maps. All images are 
complete with captions and dates. There is no fee for using the photos, 
but credit must be given. For more Great Lakes images, visit the GLIN 
Photo Galleries page at 

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partnership with the regional network, visit

Christine Manninen
GLIN Webmaster/Project Manager
Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, Mich.

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