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GLIN==> 2001 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest Deadline Drawing Near

August 2, 2001

2001 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest Deadline Drawing Near; Last Chance to View the 2000 Display

TOLEDO, OH - The deadline for entries in the Ohio Lake Erie Commission's newly revamped 2001 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest is just around the corner. Entries must be received by 5:00 PM on Friday, August 10, 2001 at the Ohio Lake Erie Commission Office in Toledo. 

The 2001 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest will be judged on Friday, August 17. Photos submitted must be in slide format and taken between August 1, 2000 and August 1, 2001 in the following categories:

"Boats, Beaches & Bass" - The Lake Erie region is Ohio's favorite playground. Entries here include scenes of: fishing, boating, beaches, scuba diving, swimming, picnics, festivals, winter activities, and more.

"Habitats are Homes" - Views of Lake Erie ecosystems include: native plants, wildlife, birds, fish, etc., and wetlands, reefs, geological features, natural landscapes, and other natural resources.

"Wonders of Water" - Images of Lake Erie's water quality include: clean water, human uses, pollution, erosion, underwater, ice cover, shorelines, rivers, and other water aspects - be creative!

"Lake Erie Living" - Lake Erie influences the cultural, economic, and historical resources of the region. Scenes here include: shipping, agriculture, ports/cities, industry, places of interest, land use, etc.

The 2001 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest is open strictly to amateur photographers. There is no fee to enter, and entries are limited to two per category per person. Winning photos will be unveiled at the 10th Annual Lake Erie Conference at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - LaMalfa Center in Mentor, Ohio on September 6.

New grand prizes this year (one per category) include bed & breakfast getaway packages courtesy of the following Lake Erie resort sponsors:
- Maumee Bay Resort & Conference Center - Oregon, OH
- Radisson Harbour Inn - Sandusky, OH
- The Lodge at Sawmill Creek Resort & Conference Center - Huron, OH
- OurGuest Inn & Suites - Port Clinton, OH

This month is also the last chance to view the winning images from last year's 2000 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest.
A total of twelve grand prize and honorable mention images of the Lake Erie region may be seen at the following location:

(Aug. 1-Aug. 28)  -  Maumee Bay State Park, Milton B. Trautman Nature Center, Oregon, OH

Titles of the Grand Prize photos displayed include:  "Water Blossom" by Dennis Hale of Bowling Green, Ohio; "Cleveland Harbor at Night" by Brid Wills of Mantua, Ohio; "After Midnight" by Mike Saletra of Lakeside, Ohio; and the Overall Judges Choice - "Cedar Point Beach from Ferris Wheel" by Dennis Hale.  

The Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest is one of Ohio's annual Coastweeks activities, part of a national celebration of our waters and coastlines designed to increase public awareness about the value and fragility of treasures such as Lake Erie. Ohio's Coastweeks 2001, coordinated by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission, takes place August 25 - September 23. Activities include the photo contest, island tours, the annual Lake Erie Conference, nature walks, cleanups and much more.

To receive a complete list of contest rules and an entry form, or for more information about Coastweeks and the Life on Lake Erie Photo contest, please contact the Ohio Lake Erie Commission Office, One Maritime Plaza, 4th Floor, Toledo, OH 43604-1866; or by phone at: 419/245-2514, e-mail at: oleo@www.epa.state.oh.us, or check our website at: www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo.


Jamie Kochensparger
Public Information Specialist
Ohio Lake Erie Commission
One Maritime Plaza, 4th Floor
Toledo, OH  43604-1866
V:  419/245-2514
F:  419/245-2519
E:  jamie.kochen@www.epa.state.oh.us

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