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GLIN==> Planning for Watershed Sensitive Development Conference

Posted on behalf of Mike Friis <Michael.Friis@doa.state.wi.us>

Planning for Watershed Sensitive Development Conference

Water is essential to maintaining all dimensions of life.  Today's growth
and development are endangering the quality of our watersheds.  One of the
best ways to protection water and natural resources is to understand and
manage them on a watershed basis.  The Planning for Watershed Sensitive
Development Conference will help individuals learn how to allow for
development while protecting and maintaining our "liquid gold".  The primary
audience for this conference is elected officials, planners, water
commissioners, engineers and other individuals involved in land use
decision-making and policy making.  Landowners, developers,
conservationists, environmentalists, educators and the general public and
anyone other individual with an interest in land use is invited to attend.

William McDonough, the opening keynote speaker is a practicing architect who
leads the field of ecologically intelligent building. In 1993, Time Magazine
called William McDonough "...one of the most visionary of the green
designers" and in 1996 he won the first Presidential Award for Sustainable
Development, the nation's highest environmental award, from President Bill

In addition to William McDonough, the conference will feature local,
statewide and national speakers including Steve Apfelbaum, President of
Applied Ecological Services and Randall Arendt, nationally known for his
conservation subdivision work.

Held on September 13-14th, the 1st day will feature information from the
basics of "what is a watershed" to information on how to get money to start
projects.  Friday, September 14th will involve hands-on learning where
participants will have the opportunity to travel to Prairie Crossings, a
conservation community.  In addition to discussions about how conservation
subdivisions are designed, Randall Arendt will also provide a hands-on
activity where participants will have the opportunity to apply what they
learn.  Steve Apfelbaum and Mike Sands, Environmental Team Leader at Prairie
Crossings, will also provide information during this session.

Fees for the workshop are $90 for Thursday, September 13th, $80 for Friday,
September 14th and $150 for both days if registration is received by
September 7th.  After September 7th, a $25 late fee will be added.  The
conference will be held at the Racine Marriott Conference Center.  All
inquiries for brochures or questions about the conference can be directed to
Bonnie Prochaska, Sustainable Racine, 262-632-6440, ext. 23 or by email at

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