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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 9/1/01

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SITE OF THE MONTH for September: accessIndiana
accessIndiana, the official web site of the state of Indiana, is 
designed to focus on the life events and everyday situations that face 
Indiana citizens and businesses. With over 180,000 pages of content, the 
portal is a comprehensive 24 x 7 resource for state information 
including Indiana laws, environmental policies, travel and tourism, 
employment, education and a lot more. In addition, accessIndiana 
contains more than 150 interactive services that are of value to both 
citizens and businesses of Indiana and the Great Lakes region as a 
whole. File your taxes, renew your license plates, search for limited 
criminal histories, track legislation and much more. accessIndiana -- 
linking hoosiers to government.

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EXPERIENCE THE GREAT LAKES this weekend: Take a harbor cruise!
 From a tall-ship adventure on the "Appledore" in Bay City to a 
catamaran cruise, water-based tours draw tourists to Great Lakes 
harbors. Or, if you're more into staying on dry land, try a dune scooter 
ride along the west Michigan coast.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, H2infO aims to improve municipal water 
quality, quantity and flow by fostering and supporting community-based 
programs and increasing civic participation in efforts to control 
non-point sources of water pollution.

Lake Superior FishCAM
Get a live glimpse of what it's like 35 feet below enormous Lake 
Superior! This is one of the only permanently mounted underwater cameras 
in the world sending images back to the shore.

Midwestern plant communities -- from Great Plains grasslands to the 
dense boreal forests that frame the shores of the Great Lakes and from 
northern peatland bogs to dry, Ozark glades -- have long fascinated 
plant ecologists. Now a comprehensive survey of all the natural plant 
communities found in this 12-state region is available in a single volume.

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