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GLIN==> New Lake Erie exotic discovered

Lake Erie's Newest Exotic Species to be Unveiled at the Lake Erie
Conference this Week

On Wednesday and Thursday, at the Lake Erie Commission Meeting and Lake
Erie Conference in Mentor, the first known specimen of a tubenose goby from Lake Erie will
be on display at the Stone Laboratory information booth.

The fish is thought to be another ballast water
stowaway from European waters and underscores the need for tighter controls
over such introductions.

The fish was netted on July 15th, 2001 by students enrolled in the fish ecology class at Ohio
State University's F.T. Stone Laboratory at Put-in-Bay. Its identification
was confirmed by class Co-Instructors Dr. John Gannon of the U.S.
Geological Survey and Dr. David Jude of the University of Michigan who are
both familiar with the species from previous encounters elsewhere.

The tubenose goby is related to the round goby, whose population has exploded
in Lake Erie and elsewhere in the Great Lakes over the past few years. Impacts of the round goby are being studied by several researchers visiting Stone Lab and at the facilities in Ann Arbor where Drs.Gannon and Jude work. It is believed that these species will have serious implications for other bottom life in the lakes due to their aggressive feeding habits and territorial behavior.

For more information please contact John Hageman
at Stone Laboratory 419/285-2341 hageman.2@osu.edu

For information on the biology of the tubenose goby go to: