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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 10/1/01

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SITE OF THE MONTH for October: Greater Detroit American Heritage River 
The Greater Detroit American Heritage River (AHR) Initiative's web site 
features streaming video and downloadable PDF files making it easy to 
learn about projects like expanding linked greenways, improving Belle 
Isle, restoring Fort Wayne, promoting soft engineering of shorelines, 
remediating Black Lagoon, and partnering on a model brownfield 
redevelopment project. Part of the connecting channels linking lakes 
Huron and Erie, the Detroit River is one of 14 U.S. rivers honored with 
the AHR designation. The Initiative--a multi-stakeholder process that 
promotes environmental stewardship, encourages economic development, and 
celebrates history and culture--is headed by Peter Stroh and supported 
by the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, a steering committee, and a 
business-industry group.

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FALL COLORS in the Great Lakes Region
GLIN's fall color page provides links to color reports from around the 
region as well as autumn adventures and daytrips. "Fall in" and enjoy 
the season!

Out of place: How AQUATIC EXOTIC SPECIES alter Wisconsin waterways
This in-depth feature provides critical information on the history of 
invasive species, pathways, control options and management strategies, 
as well as eight myths about aquatic exotics. Published in the June 2001 
issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine.

Evaluation of the WATERSHED QUALITY in the Saginaw River Basin
In an effort to develop diagnostic strategies to differentiate ecosystem 
stressors from associated biological responses, this report focuses on 
the Saginaw River Basin located in eastern central Michigan. The basin 
is the largest in the state, covering portions of 22 counties and 
draining approximately 15 percent of Michigan's land area.

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