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GLIN==> ENVISION Environmental Science Institute

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Posted on behalf of Jason Meyer, ENVISION Coordinator, Purdue University

ENVISION,  An Environmental Science Institute for middle level teachers.  ENVISION, funded by the National Science Foundation, is recruiting for the 2002 Institute.  ENVISION utilizes modules to prepare middle level leadership teams that are experienced in team-based research and knowledgeable of:  *environmental concepts and issues, *inquiry skills for investigating environmental issues, *appropriate curricular, pedagogical, and assessment practices for teaching science within studies of local environmental issues, and *strategies to develop educational partnerships with local government, industry, and business.

Participant Responsibilities
Leadership teams consist of teachers, grades 4-9, at one of two levels of participation.  A team should have a minimum of one Level I and one Level II participant.

Level I participants will attend all spring and summer project activities and will lead a local staff-development program in their school district.  They will work with Level II participants in the local adoption of ENVISION concepts and approaches.

Level II participants, trained by their Level I teammates, will attend project activities conducted at the regional and local school site, will actively implement the ENVISION concepts and approaches, and will assist Level I teachers with staff-development.
Module Descriptions
ENVISION is a multidisciplinary approach to the development of scientific concepts and inquiry skills focusing on:
•    Water and Watersheds – emphasis is on environmental science concepts and issues surrounding water, streams, and wetlands.
•    Urban and Built Environments – environmental concepts and issues related to buildings, cities, and suburbs are investigated.
•    Rural Environments – the effects of human activities and agricultural practices on rural environments are explored.

How to Get Involved
There are several ways to contact us:
Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction
Purdue University    West Lafayette, IN 47907-1442

Dates for 2002-2003
ENVISION Institute

Spring Pre-Institute
April 25, 26, 27, 2002

Summer Institute
July 8 – 30, 2002




Lauren J. Makeyenko

Education/Program Specialist

Center for Great Lakes Environmental Education

PO Box 56

Buffalo, NY   14205-0056


T: 716.878.3175

F: 716.885.5292

E: laurenm@greatlakesed.org

…Effective education on Great Lakes issues will play a pivotal role in efforts to restore, protect, and maintain the health of the Great Lakes