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GLIN==> Stormwater Strategies CD-ROM Edition

Today, the Washington, D.C. office of the National Resources Defense Council released its second edition of Stormwater Strategies . Initially released in 1999, the manual highlights successful U.S. storm water control programs.

This edition includes a revised chapter on Low Impact Development source control. To quote the press release accompanying the CD-ROM..." LID is a widely accepted set of storm water management strategies with the primary goals of reducing the amount of urban runoff, improving water quality, and protecting public health using low cost techniques distributed throughout the community. LID combines a variety of storm water management approaches into a flexible, cost-efficient, environmentally effective system that provides a variety of other economic, environmental and aesthetic benefits."

The CD-ROM is $10 although NRDC encourages those who do have it to share it, copy it and network it. For orders of the CD, visit, http://www.nrdc.org/publications/default.asp 

The CD ROM offers the ability to read the PDF files off a dedicated website or stand alone PDF files.

As Nancy says in her release letter, "Thank you for help in spreading the word about the devastating impacts of storm water pollution on our rivers, lakes, and coastal waters and the demonstrated techniques for controlling this pollution outlined in the case studies."

Congratulations are due to NRDC Wet Weather chair Nancy Stoner and her very able co-author George Aponte-Clark for their efforts to get this second edition released.

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