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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 January 2002

Happy New Year!
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SITE OF THE MONTH for January: Seeing The Light
Terry and Sue Pepper's passion for the lighthouses of the western Great 
Lakes began in 1995. When a search of the Internet and local bookshelves 
provided little accurate information on these historic structures, they 
embarked on a crusade of intensive research and travel that has 
subsequently taken them to all corners of the Great Lakes area. As a 
result of their efforts, their web site "Seeing The Light" has become 
one of the richest sources of information on the lighthouses of lakes 
Huron, Michigan and Superior.

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ST. LAWRENCE Observatory
This web portal is dedicated to the exchange, dissemination and 
presentation of data <http://www.osl.gc.ca/en/donnees/carte_themes.htm> 
collected in the St. Lawrence marine ecosystem. Includes aerial views, 
current monitoring efforts, models, animations and more.

Status of FY2002 U.S. APPROPRIATIONS bills
Look here for a quick status update on legislative action in Washington, 
D.C., including which bills have been passed by Congress and which are 
awaiting the president's signature. Includes House and Senate vote 
results and the full text of the bills.

IADN was established in 1990 by the United States and Canada for 
conducting air and precipitation monitoring in the Great Lakes basin. 
The network has been designed with master stations 
<http://www.msc.ec.gc.ca/iadn/stations/station_master_e.html> on each of 
the five Great Lakes, supplemented by a number of satellite stations to 
provide more spatial detail for deposition. The second phase of IADN is 
scheduled to run until 2004.

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