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GLIN==> Peaking and Ponding - St. Marys River

Public Notice

IJC public hearings to examine impacts of peaking and ponding in St. Marys

The International Joint Commission (IJC) will hold public hearings in Sault
Ste. Marie, Michigan and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to gather information
about the impacts of peaking and ponding operations in the St. Marys River.

Peaking and ponding operations are carried out by the Edison Sault Electric
Company and Great Lakes Power Limited to store water during times of
off-peak demand and increase hydroelectric power generation during times of
on-peak demand. Peaking is the variation of hourly flows within the daily
average flow while ponding is the variation of daily flows within the weekly
average flow (i.e. higher weekday flows and lower weekend flows).

The two power entities are authorized to use water from the St. Marys River
by the IJC's Orders of Approval, which contain provisions to protect
interests in both countries that may be affected by changes in natural water
levels and flows. Outflows from Lake Superior are set on a monthly basis by
the IJC-approved regulation plan, Plan 1977A, under the oversight of the
IJC's International Lake Superior Board of Control.

The current low water situation, and recent inquiries concerning navigation
and environmental impacts, have drawn the IJC's attention to the conduct of
peaking and ponding operations in the St. Marys River. The IJC has advised
the power entities that the IJC's Orders of Approval, as amended, and Plan
1977A, do not authorize deviations from the monthly regulation-plan flow,
and do not authorize peaking and ponding operations. Nevertheless, the IJC
has provided temporary authority to the power entities to conduct peaking
and ponding operations until March 20, 2002, under the supervision of the
International Lake Superior Board of Control.

The IJC has asked its International Lake Superior Board of Control to review
the current situation and recommend whether peaking and ponding operations
in the St. Marys River should continue, and if so, under what circumstances.
The public hearings are intended to provide information that may be useful
to the Board in preparing its report.

Public hearings will take place at the following times and locations:

3:00 p.m., January 28, 2002                     7:00 p.m., January 28, 2002
Walker Cisler Center                            Holiday Inn Waterfront
Lake Ontario Room                               Room: Thompson A & B
Lake Superior University                        208 St. Mary's River Dr.
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan                      Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

The IJC also intends to provide a public briefing in the Sault Ste. Marie
area after it has received the report of its International Lake Superior
Board of Control and made a decision with regard to peaking and ponding.

The International Joint Commission is an international organization
established by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 to prevent and resolve
disputes over the use of waters shared by the United States and Canada. More
information is available on the IJC's website at: www.ijc.org

Fabien Lengellé         Ottawa          (613) 995-0088
Frank Bevacqua          Washington              (202) 736-9024

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