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GLIN==> Great Lakes Boating Television Series Begins its Third Season

This January marks the third season of Great Lakes Ports O' Call, a boating
and travel television show available to public broadcasting stations
nationwide.  The series features ports of interest for recreational boaters
and travelers around the Great Lakes area.  Segments on navigation and port
tours are included, as well as people of special interest, safety features,
history of the featured port and stories relating to events, entertainment
and the overall splendor of the Great Lakes.

Detroit Public Television (WTVS Channel 56) will air the new season weekly
Saturdays at 9 a.m. beginning January 5.  This is the same time slot the
series aired last year.  The series will also be seen in the area on WFUM
Flint and WGTE Toledo at different times.  Additional stations can be found
at www.greatlakesportsocall.com

Featured ports in order of broadcast this year are:

#301 Port Clinton, OH (Lake Erie)
#302 Kewaunee, WI  (Lake Michigan)
#303 Ashtabula, OH (Lake Erie)
#304 Munising, MI (Lake Superior)
#305 Presque Isle, MI (Lake Huron)
#306 Caseville, MI (Lake Huron)
#307 Port Washington, WI  (Lake Michigan)
#308 Detroit, MI (Detroit River)
#309Holland, MI  (Lake Michigan)
#310 Erie, PA (Lake Erie)
#311Frankfort, MI  (Lake Michigan)
#312 Beaver Island, MI  (Lake Michigan)
#313 Goderich, ON (Lake Huron)

The 13 episode series will be uplinked via satellite to PBS stations
throughout the United States and Canada.  Great Lakes Ports O' Call is
created and produced by Video Images, Inc., of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Over 38 markets nationwide chose to broadcast the series during the
winter/spring season of 2001 to more than 21 million households.

Executive Producer Thomas Durant comments: "We have been
overwhelmed by the positive comments from viewers.  We are looking
forward to our third season."

Dan Gaitens, Senior Programming Associate at WTVS-TV/Detroit comments:
"Great Lakes Ports O' Call obtained well above average audience numbers for
a PBS program.  We believe this series to be both unique and worthwhile.
This because the program provides segments for the recreational boater's
knowledge and interest, and it does so without excluding the general viewer.
We know of no program on TV now that balances these various aspects so

The program is hosted by veteran radio personality Foster Braun of WJR
Detroit. A web site at http://www.greatlakesportsocall.com is available
with links to ports visited, underwriting sponsors, and to other nautical
of interest.  It also includes a list of PBS stations airing the series.
The new
season is underwritten by the Michigan Boating Industries Association,
Marine/Tiara Yachts, Four Winns Boats. and Lakeland Boating.

Call (800) TO-GLPOC or e-mail glpoc@aol.com for further information.

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