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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 February 2002

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SITE OF THE MONTH for February: Ohio Coastal Management Program
The Ohio Coastal Management Program promotes integrated management of the
Lake Erie coastal area in order to preserve, protect, develop, restore and
enhance its valuable, and sometimes vulnerable, resources. Administered by
the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the OCMP is the cooperative action
of the state and its political subdivisions to manage coastal resources and
foster their sustainable use for the benefit of all citizens. Updates on
current efforts, such as proposed rule and policy changes, grant
applications and awards, and the Kelleys Island Underwater Preserve project,
among others, are available on this site.

If you would like to nominate a site for GLIN Site of the Month, see
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Michigan STATE OF THE STATE address--includes webcast!
Four of the eight Great Lakes governors have already delivered their 2002
State of the State addresses, with other dates slated for the weeks ahead.
In addition to the Michigan webcast, learn about other states' priorities:
* Indiana <http://www.state.in.us/gov/state/index.html>
* Minnesota
* New York <http://www.state.ny.us/sos2002.html>

This new page hosted by the NOAA National Ocean Service provides users with
immediate graphical and tabular water level and meteorological data from NOS
water level stations located along the projected path of severe storms.
Users can also conveniently locate and view both present and historical data
from any of the active stations in the National Water Level Observation
Network, by station name or location. Currently there is a 6 minute interval
between data readings. Look for new real-time data--including wind speed and
direction, barometric pressure and air temperature--to be unveiled in March

Michigan Sea Grant: Welcome to MISEAGRANT.ORG
Michigan Sea Grant, a joint program of Michigan State University and the
University of Michigan, promotes greater knowledge of the Great Lakes
through research and education. Visit their enhanced web site for
information on coastal communities, Detroit River fisheries, exotic plants
and aquatics, wetlands, and related outreach and education projects.

Community FOUNDATIONS as Environmental Stewards
Community foundations -- armed with collaborative strategies -- can be a
potent contributor to solving environmental issues. For the past four years,
this idea has been tested in the Great Lakes region. This new video and
report examines lessons learned by 21 shoreline community foundations
participating in the Great Lakes Community Foundations Environmental

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