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GLIN==> Muskegon River Stewardship Week-May 11-19, 2002

Posted on behalf of <MuskegonRiverWatershedAssembly@ferris.edu>

February 27, 2002

            Kathy Evans             231-773-0008
            Terry Stilson           231-591-2324
            Gary Noble        231-591-2334

The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MRWA) is pleased to announce May 11 -
19, 2002 as the second annual Muskegon River Stewardship Week.  The MRWA,
along with the Muskegon Conservation District and Annis Water Resources
Institute of Grand Valley State University are working together to increase
public involvement in the Muskegon River watershed.

The MRWA is inviting groups, organizations, schools, local agencies,
businesses and citizens throughout the watershed to sponsor and participate
in events of their choice to celebrate the legacy of the Muskegon River and
promote stewardship awareness of this vital and important natural resource.

Possible events and organized activities include (but are not limited to):
*Cleanups along river and stream banks and road/stream crossings;
*Festivals, picnics, sidewalk sales and arts & craft displays with a
river theme;
*Fun / educational activities that enhance understanding of the
watershed such as water quality testing, observing and counting different
species of wildlife, sampling river habitats at river's edge for
macroinvertebrates and hikes to explore vegetative and tree landscapes,just
to name a few;
*Explore the watershed by canoe, kayak, raft or small boat;
*River walks, bicycle tours;
*Inventory and document severe erosion sites along river and stream
*Plant protective vegetative cover and buffers along shorelines
(consult with local conservation district staff for guidance and

Individuals who wish to sponsor a stewardship event or activity are
encouraged to contact their county conservation district (see contact list
on page 2) to identify local watershed concerns and opportunities to
collaborate or co-sponsor an event.

The MRWA will help publicize your organized event or activity in its next
April newsletter, "River View", if notified by March 26, 2002.  Anyone who
wishes to plan a Muskegon River Stewardship activity should contact Kathy
Evans, MRWA Education Chairperson at 231-773-0008 or the MRWA at
231-591-2324.  Please be ready to provide:  1) the name of your event with
a short description of the activity; 2) the activity contact person's name
and phone number or e-mail address; 3) where the event will be held; 4)where
and when volunteers should meet on what day; 5) how volunteers should
be dressed and what to bring, if anything.

The Muskegon River is the state's 2nd longest river, over 220 miles in
length.  The watershed encompasses major portions of 9 counties while
touching on 3 others, covering more than 2,400 square miles in area.  The
MRWA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization located in Big Rapids, MI at
Ferris State University.  The MRWA's mission is to:

"Preserve, protect and enhance the natural, historic and cultural resources
of the
 Muskegon River watershed through educational and scientific initiatives,
while supporting positive economic development, agricultural and quality of
life initiatives of organizations working in the watershed."

District    Contact           Phone                   E-mail

Clare             Karla Zelkowski   989-539-6401
Crawford    Barb Stauffer           989-275-5231
Kalkaska    Annie Shetler           231-258-3307
Lake        Pam Wayne         231-832-2950
Mecosta     Charmaine Lucas   231-796-0909
Missaukee   Sherry Blaszak    231-839-7193
Montcalm    Judy Cloer        989-831-4606
Muskegon    Kathy Evans       231-773-0008
Newaygo     Gail Warnement    231-924-2420
Osceola     Pam Wayne         231-832-2950
Roscommon   Barb Stauffer           989-275-5231
Wexford     Beth Perry        231-775-7681

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