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GLIN==> Ohio's Coastweeks 2002 - Call for Events

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission would like to invite you to join us in Ohio's Coastweeks 2002, the 11th annual celebration of Lake Erie, its shoreline, and watershed to be held August 24 - September 22, 2002.

Ohio's  Coastweeks:
- Is a part of a national celebration of our nation's waters & shorelines;
- Creates many recreational, educational & environmental opportunities for Ohioans;  
- Is coordinated by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission for all Ohio citizens and visitors to enjoy; 
- Increases awareness of the value, fragility and beauty of the state's greatest natural resource ~ Lake Erie, its shoreline and watershed;
- Promotes tourism and visitation to many of the Lake Erie region's unique places;
- Its "I Can Help Lake Erie" theme encourages Ohioans of all ages to be part of the solution, not the pollution & other issues that affect the lake; 
- Started in 1982 by Barbara Fegan of Massachusetts as an educational tool promoting the value of coastal natural resources;
- Is sponsored internationally by The Ocean Conservancy based in Virginia.  

Individual events are planned & organized by people like you - representing governmental offices, community groups, environmental organizations, libraries, businesses & many other organizations. Information provided on event registration forms will be featured in the Coastweeks 2002 Events brochure, which will be distributed to the media, chambers of commerce, libraries, businesses, nature centers, state parks & other locations throughout the state. 

The focus of each Coastweeks event should be to enhance, preserve, protect, promote and/or educate others about our unique & spectacular Lake Erie, its shoreline and watershed. Successful past events include:

- Shoreline Beach & Land Cleanups**
- Lake Erie Bird Watching 
- Sand Castle Contests
- Lectures/Conferences/Seminars
- Environmental Exhibits and Displays 
- Watershed Exploration Activities
- Facility Open Houses
- "Lake Erie" Book/Reading Week 
- Lake Erie and Water-Related Festivals
- Essay Contests & Art Displays
- Kayaking & Canoe Trips
- Interpretive Nature Walks 
- Recreational "Races for the Lake" 
- Storm Drain Stenciling
-   Waterfront and Vessel Tours
- Family Campouts, Bike Rides & Picnics

** All cleanups are included as part of the International Coastal Cleanup sponsored by The Ocean Conservancy.

These are just a few examples of the creative ways event coordinators have showcased or educated citizens about their corner of the Lake Erie watershed!

The state-level coordination of the Coastweeks program is provided primarily by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission with cleanup event support from The Ocean Conservancy in Virginia.  Additional funding & support provided comes from partners and sponsors such as: U.S. Coast Guard - Sea Partners Program, Ohio Sea Grant College Program, and MAPA Pioneer. As state coordinator, the Ohio Lake Erie Commission will assist all event coordinators through statewide promotion of the Coastweeks program, including: producing & distributing the Coastweeks 2002 Events brochures, general media notification, supplying event coordinators with promotional materials and handouts, distributing cleanup event supplies, and submitting all cleanup event data to The Ocean Conservancy.

The Coastweeks program benefits to participating organizations include: 
- Enhance & showcase your new or existing educational, recreational and/or environmental programs;
- Region-wide publicity will entice new people to get involved in your programs and encourage sponsorship;
- Support materials such as educational handouts, litter bags, pens, magnets, etc.;
- Promotional kits with sample press-releases, logo clipart, event planning tips;
- Cleanup events receive additional materials, including trash bags, data cards, gloves & pencils. 

We welcome your participation in Ohio's Coastweeks 2002 to assist the public in celebrating and learning about our Great Lake Erie, its shoreline and watershed.

For registration materials or more information, contact:  
Jamie Kochensparger, Ohio Coastweeks Coordinator
Ohio Lake Erie Commission 
One Maritime Plaza, 4th Floor
Toledo, OH  43604-1866
Phone: 419/245-2514    
Fax: 419/245-2519      
Email: jamie_kochensparger@ameritech.net

~ Jamie Kochensparger
Public Information Specialist
Ohio Lake Erie Commission
One Maritime Plaza, 4th Floor
Toledo, OH  43604-1866
Phone: 419-245-2514
FAX: 419-245-2519
web site: www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo

*  *  * Please note:  the Ohio Lake Erie Commission Office is under a new email server through Ameritech.
 Please use these new email addresses to reach our staff: 
lakeeriecommission@ameritech.net    (used for general office inquiries)

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