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GLIN==> Call for Papers: Fifth Water Information Summit (Oct. 23-25, 2002)

Regional Perspectives and Case Studies

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
October 23-25, 2002
A pre-registration form (Word) is attached to this message.

The Water Web Consortium's Fifth Water Information Summit (WIS-5) will 
take place on October 23-25, 2002.  This series of meetings for web site 
managers and water information users focuses on the use of the Internet 
to support and promote the application of Integrated Land and Water 
Resources Management.  The fifth forum will bring together information 
specialists, Web site managers, scientists, policymakers, and other 
water information users, to discuss the regional perspectives on water 
information and to present and discuss selected case studies of the 
implementation of international, national, regional, and local water 
information systems and the use of the Internet to disseminate water 

Themes to be discussed during the Summit will include

* National water-data systems
* River basin information systems
* Flood/drought warning systems
* Water resources assessments
* Electronic libraries of information
* Water of the Americas portal development
* Citizen awareness and education programs
	Papers should focus on (1) the creation of databases and quality control 
of the data or information, (2) data management technology, (3) 
education of and outreach to users, and (4) measurement of 
costs/benefits and impacts of the information system on society. PAPERS 
MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 1, 2002 in electronic form to be considered for 
the meeting. Instructions to authors will be posted on the WaterWeb 
site: www.waterweb.org