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GLIN==> Waters of Wisconsin Forum

Waters of Wisconsin Forum
October 21-22, 2002
Monona Terrace Convention Center
Madison, Wisconsin

Water is a vital resource for all living things in our state--but currently
Wisconsin lacks a comprehensive, long-term water policy. The Waters of
Wisconsin initiative of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
has been working for the past two years with experts from all sides of water
use and conservation. At the statewide public forum, these experts will come
together with the general public to discuss these challenges and issue a
formal report, guidelines, and policy recommendations. Participants will
also celebrate water as we enjoy it in  all aspects of our lives through
fieldtrips, poetry and art. Please join us on October 21-22, 2002 at the
Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison for a solution-oriented
discussion about a resource that is vital to all of us!

More information about Waters of Wisconsin:

The Wisconsin Academy is a non-partisan, neutral convener, bringing all
players to the table. Participants in Waters of Wisconsin include diverse
representatives from agriculture, industry, education, conservation
organization, government agencies, municipalities, and Native American
tribes. They are conducting their work with involvement and input from
concerned citizens throughout the state. 

Results of Waters of Wisconsin will include policy recommendations,
publications, and a statewide public forum in Madison on October 21-22, 2002
to discuss options for sustainable water use and to plan a course of action.

Using the best scientific data available, Waters of Wisconsin is gathering
information in the following areas:

		Status and Trends:
		What is the current status of our waters, and what trends do
we see? This information will be compiled in a report available to
lawmakers, environmental consultants and the public. 

		Waters of Wisconsin is formulating principles of
sustainability to assist and inform decision-making in water use. They are
designed for adoption and endorsement by business, policy makers,
municipalities, academia, conservation groups, and others with a state in
our water's future.

		How plentiful and safe will our waters be in the coming
decades? Using current data, the initiative will project different scenarios
for our water's future, depending on courses of action we choose now and
along the way. They are intended to promote understanding of the connections
between economics, values, and aquatic ecosystems and resources.

For more information about Waters of Wisconsin, contact:
Amanda Okopski aokopski@facstaff.wisc.edu
Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
1922 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53705
608/263-1692, ext. 22
or visit www.wisconsinacademy.org

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