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March 13, 2002
Update Announcement:
www.EcoBizPort.com "The Homepage For Environmental Managers"
(Traverse City, Michigan) -- Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS), the publisher of 
Michigan Waste Report, is providing the following update on the EcoBizPort.com website which was officially launched last Earth Day.  The site is a comprehensive environmental information portal for business and citizens.  The website is designed to provide quick linkages for professionals and individuals to the vast array of environmental information on the Internet.
Within the last several months EcoBizPort.com has added three new state homepages:
Ohio Homepage - http://www.ecobizport.com/homepageOH.htm
Indiana Homepage - http://www.ecobizport.com/homepageIN.htm
Illinois Homepage - http://www.ecobizport.com/homepageIL.htm.
The Michigan Homepage at: http://www.ecobizport.com/homepage.htm and related Michigan subpages have been completely updated and expanded to reflect extensive changes in MDEQ and Michigan legislative links.
The U.S. Homepage at: http://www.ecobizport.com/, and related information resource pages have been available since the site was launched in April 2001, and have been continually updated and expanded to provide extensive links to 

Associations, Classifieds, Congress, e-Business, Education & Training, Employment/Careers, EPA, Executive Office, Federal Courts, Federal Regulations, Legal, Local Area Data, Local Government, Maps, Weather, Geo, News & Media, Other Business, Politics, Products & Services, Projects, RFPs, RFQs, Reference Desk, Research/Publications, Search & Portals, and Tradeshows/Meetings.


Links to all state homepages are provided on the main homepage, as well as extensive links to "Other State" information at: http://www.ecobizport.com/othstates.html.  Additional state homepages are being added as time and resources become available.  Likewise, the overall site development plan envisions extensive homepages for various "Environmental Specialties" and various "Industry Sector" pages.  These pages are all in the developmental stages at this time.  General Industry Sector links are available at: http://www.ecobizport.com/SectorOver.html.


Overall the site contains approximately 4,300 "external" links (6,500 total) to various environmental information resources.


A Corporate Sponsor page has been added at: http://www.ecobizport.com/CorpSponsor.htm.


WIMS Email Services have been vastly expanded and upgraded and are featured at:

http://www.ecobizport.com/EmailServices.html; including the popular Free Final Rule Notifier service which notifies subscribers of all nationally applicable, final rules published by U.S. EPA and other agencies within hours after publication in the Federal Register.


The site also features a Free Classifieds Bulletin Board for posting all kinds of environmental items wanted and available (jobs, services, products, materials, etc.) and announcements at: http://www.ecobizport.com/CLASSIFIEDS.html.


Traffic on the site has been increasing steadily since the initial launch and is now averaging approximately 45,000 hits per month from some 3,500 visitors per month.
According to Jeff Dauphin, WIMS President and Site Manager, "We've come quite a ways since the initial launch about 11 months ago, but we still have a long way to go to achieve our overall goals.  We are redoubling our efforts to find new corporate sponsors, advertisers and other funding sources to further expand and develop the site to its full potential.  We welcome all comments, feedback and interest in the site and encourage other organizations, governments and businesses to include links to EcoBizPort.com on their websites."
For further information contact:

Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS)
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