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GLIN==> Conference Program Available: "Managing Invasive Species in Lakesand Reservoirs;" April 23-26, 2002; Chicago, Ill.

>>***** Announcement of Conference Program Availability *****
>>15th Annual National Conference
>>"Managing Invasive Species in Lakes and Reservoirs"
>>April 23-26, 2002
>>Congress Plaza Hotel
>>Chicago, Illinois
>>cosponsored by
>>Chicago Botanic Garden
>>U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
>>    * Headquarters Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds
>>    * Region 5
>>North American Lake Management Society
>>Conservation Technology Information Center
>>2002 will mark the 15th consecutive year that the States' lake program
>>managers have gathered in Chicago to discuss successes, evaluate
>>and explore new approaches for improving State lake management programs.
>>Recognizing the significant effect that invasive species can have on fresh
>>water ecosystems, the 2002 conference focuses on innovative approaches for
>>preventing or minimizing invasive species impacts.  Nationally recognized
>>speakers and interactive discussion sessions will provide unique insights
>>into the obstacles -- and opportunities -- that lie ahead.
>>Allegra Cangelosi, Senior Policy Analyst for the Northeast-Midwest
>>Institute, will deliver the Keynote Address on Wednesday afternoon.  Ms.
>>Cangelosi has coordinated national and regional efforts to enact ecosystem
>>protection, and she coordinated legislative activity leading to the
>>Invasive Species Acts of 1990 and 1996.
>>Other conference session topics include:
>>    * Understanding Our Most Troublesome Invasive Aquatic Species
>>    * Comprehensive Monitoring and Assessment Under the Clean Water Act
>>    * Building More Effective Statewide Lake Organizations: What's Working
>>-- and What Isn't?
>>    * New Directions for State Lake Programs
>>    * Federal and State Approaches for Managing Invasive Aquatic Species
>>    * Public Outreach Programs for Invasive Aquatic Species
>>    * The Role of Volunteers in Managing Invasive Aquatic Species
>>    * Future Directions for the U.S. EPA's TMDL Program
>>Leaders from statewide lake associations, also a target audience for this
>>conference, will share their successes-and challenges-as they pursue
>>membership recruitment, leadership development, and efficient member
>>services in lean economic times.  And together, State agency staff and
>>statewide lake association leaders will explore new opportunities for
>>cooperation.  Federal and local managers are invited to join in the lively
>>discussions, both during the sessions and at special programs offered at
>>luncheons and evening social functions.
>>On Tuesday, April 23, a special pre-conference workshop, "Watersheds 101:
>>The Clean Water Act and other Tools for Watershed Protection" will be
>>presented by staff from the U.S. EPA.  Participants will gain a working
>>knowledge of the federal Clean Water Act programs, and how these programs
>>can be used to enhance watershed planning and management efforts.  This
>>condensed version of a popular three-day course promises to be both
>>educational and engaging, so come prepared to interact!
>>LOCATION: The historic Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago; across
>>street from Buckingham Fountain and with spectacular views of Lake
>>the Congress's Gold Room will fascinate you with its exquisitely restored
>>Victorian architecture; special conference rate of just $108 single or
>>double.  You're just steps away from Chicago's many cultural attractions!
>>REGISTRATION:  $165 (after April 11: $195); includes two breakfasts, two
>>lunches, breaks, as well as special tours and candlelight dinner at the
>>Chicago Botanic Garden.  Additional $45 registration fee for the
>>Pre-Conference Workshop on April 23 (includes lunch).
>>To view the conference program, registration information, and to print out
>>registration form, visit www.nalms.org/symposia/chicago/
>>To request a paper copy of the Program Brochure, or for further informatio
>>contact Bob Kirschner, Chicago Botanic Garden, 1000 Lake Cook Road,
>>Ill., 60022; telephone: 847/835-6837; e-mail: bkirschn@chicagobotanic.org
>>Come join us in Chicago!

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