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GLIN==> Michigan Sea Grant Week

Title: Michigan Sea Grant Week
Michigan Sea Grant Week, April 15-20, 2002
Contact: Jennifer Read, Michigan Sea Grant Assistant Director, (734) 936-3622
Michigan's Senate and House of Representatives have designated the week of April 15, 2002 as Michigan Sea Grant Week. The resolutions, introduced by Senator Ken Sikkema (R-Grandville) and Representative Chris Kolb (D-Ann Arbor), commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Michigan Sea Grant partnership between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University furthering Great Lakes science and education.

Acknowledging that the Great Lakes are Michigan's greatest natural resource, the resolutions state that it is critical for people to develop an understanding of the lakes and make a commitment to preserve and enhance them.

The resolutions recognize that the University of Michigan and Michigan State University have worked cooperatively for the past 25 years to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge about the Great Lakes and to convey this knowledge to Michigan's citizens.

"The health of the Great Lakes is vital to the prosperity of the State of Michigan and its citizens," said Sikkema. "Through its UM-MSU partnership, Michigan Sea Grant is a leader in Great Lakes research and education and has provided science-based assistance to coastal communities for more than two decades."

Significant accomplishments recognized in the resolution include the following:
- Knowledge developed through Michigan Sea Grant research and applied to communities throughout the state has saved hundreds of millions of dollars, contributed to economic health, and restored environmental integrity;
- The outreach efforts of Michigan Sea Grant have helped save lives, produced techniques for saving shoreline properties, and promoted the health of commercial and recreational fisheries; and
- Michigan Sea Grant's education efforts have helped introduce thousands of students to the wonders of the Great Lakes.

"With its long history of Great Lakes research and outreach, Michigan Sea Grant is a true champion of the Great Lakes and a valuable asset to the State of Michigan," said Rep. Kolb.

Established in 1969, Michigan Sea Grant became a cooperative program between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University in 1977. Michigan Sea Grant is dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of Great Lakes resources through research, education and outreach. It is one of 31 Sea Grant programs nationwide supported through the National Sea Grant College Program by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.
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Michigan Sea Grant is dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of Michigan's Great Lakes.