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GLIN==> Maritime Foundation's New Web Site Informs Boaters and Nautical Enthusiasts

 Posted on behalf of Philip Church <pchurch@dreamscape.com>

News Release
May 14, 2002

Oswego Maritime Foundation
41 Lake Street
Oswego, NY  13126

Contact:  Philip Church, Vice President, 343-7990

Maritime Foundation's New Web Site Informs Boaters and Nautical Enthusiasts

 OSWEGO, NY -- Do you need to know the marine weather forecast before
heading out onto Lake Ontario?  Are you looking for boating classes for your
children?   Perhaps you are interested in nautical events in the region?
You'll find all this information and much more on the Oswego Maritime
Foundation's new web site at www.oswegomaritime.org .

 "The OMF web site is designed to be useful to foundation members and
non-members who have interests ranging from local boating to tall ships to
Great Lakes issues," said Dr. Henry Spang, OMF president.

For boaters, the site offers easy access to weather information, wave
heights, and notices to mariners.  Information is provided about new boating
guidelines and regulations enacted since last year's terrorist attacks on
the US, including the revised reporting requirements for recreational
boating between the US and Canada and the restricted boating zones around
the local nuclear plants and military vessels.

OMF's web site is a news partner with the Great Lakes Information Network
(GLIN).  The site is updated daily with news reports pertaining to the Great
Lakes and seaway region.

"Visitors to the web site will find OMF's boating and sailing course
schedules for 2002 and information about the foundation's public services,
including construction of the schooner, OMF Ontario," said Philip Church,
OMF vice president.  "Pages are also devoted to the youth community sailing
program, high school sailing club, underwater program, and OMF membership

Photos and descriptions of boats for sale are posted on the web site.
Proceeds from the sale of boats donated to OMF are used to support the
foundation's boating safety and public education programs.

OMF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to public service
through maritime related education, recreation, and research.  Foundation
offices are located at 41 Lake Street, Oswego, NY.  The foundation's Boating
Education Center is located at the harbor-end of West First Street in

For more information, contact the foundation at 315-342-5753 or e-mail
omf@oswegomaritime.org .


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