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GLIN==> Mackinac Center Issues & Ideas Luncheon on May 22, 2002

Posted on behalf of Catherine Martin <Martin@Mackinac.org>

Legislative staff, policy specialists, and other interested friends are
cordially invited to our


"Great Lakes, Great Debate: How Best to Manage Michigan's Greatest Natural

panel featuring

Sen. Ken Sikkema, Chairman, Great Lakes Conservation Task Force
Keith Schneider, Program Director, Michigan Land Use Institute  

DATE:        Wednesday, May 22, 2002
TIME:         12:00 - 1:15 p.m.
LOCATION:    The Mackinac Room, 5th Floor, House Office
Building, 124 North Capitol, Lansing
COST:         Lunch is provided at no charge, with reservation.

The Great Lakes are Michigan's greatest natural resource, an essential
element of the state's industrial base as well as the most beloved
recreational destination of tourists and residents alike.  State and
federal stewardship efforts have largely focused on restricting discharges
into lake waters, with welcome results.  But challenges to the health of
the Great Lakes remain, including the invasion of nuisance species and
sewage overflows.  On the political front, Michigan and other states in
the region must increasingly fend off attempts by Congress and the federal
government to seize control of the lakes. Meanwhile, an array of proposals
for Great Lakes management have been offered by candidates competing to
establish environmental credentials.

Join us for a lively panel discussion on these issues with state Sen. Ken
Sikkema, who will discuss the recently released report of the Great Lakes
Conservation Task Force, and Keith Schneider, program director for the
Michigan Land Use Institute. The forum will be moderated by Diane Katz,
Mackinac Center director of science, environment, and technology policy,
who will challenge the conventional wisdom that government regulation
always yields the greatest environmental benefits. 

The luncheon begins promptly at 12:00 noon.  Please make reservations for
yourself and any guests by noon on May 21, 2002, by calling the Mackinac
Center at (989) 631-0900.

The Purpose of the Issues & Ideas Luncheon

The nature of the legislative process is such that public policy debates
are often framed by specific constituencies and political pragmatism
rather than sound principles.  By offering a forum for wide-ranging
discussion, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy hopes to broaden the
debate to include theoretical and philosophical ideals-and how to achieve
them.  The best interests of Michigan citizens can only be served when
legislation incorporates our best understanding of legal, economic,
psychological, moral, and scientific principles.

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